Divljansko jezero

Jezero, Nis

Divljansko Lake - the most important information

Welcome to Divljansko Lake! It is an artificial accumulation located at the foot of Suva planina, between 2 medieval villages Divljane and Mokre. This lake is only 5 km away from Bela Palanka, a town belonging to the Pirot district. Below you can find out more about the origin of Divljansko Lake, its characteristics, as well as the roads that lead to it. Stay with us!

Origin and characteristics of Divljansko Lake
Divljansko Lake was created in 1983 by damming the Koritnica River, as a compensation dam, in order to deposit sediment and sludge. The surface of this lake is about 8 hectares, it is 700 meters long and up to 135 meters wide, while its depth is about 5-6 meters. Divljansko Lake is naturally divided by the steep slopes of the Kuril Chuka on one side. The rehabilitation of the entire lake and the restoration of the fish stock was carried out in 2002, after the accident at the dam. Today, this lake is rich in fish, primarily carp and chub. Since 2005, Divljansko Lake has been stocked with carp, grass carp, bream, silver carp, baboon and trout.

How to get to Divljansko Lake?
  • Divljansko Lake is about 280 km away from Belgrade. If you drive from this city, you can reach the lake in 3 hours (via A1 / E75).
  • However, if you start from Nis, you will travel to Divljansko Lake in only 40 minutes. The following taxi services will be at your disposal: First Taxi (018/4500005), Bros Taxi (018/4155541) and City Taxi (0800/000022).
Additional information
The shore of Divljansko Lake is arranged and suitable for excursions and fishing, while in the summer months you can swim in this place. Every year, the Fishing Association of Bela Palanka organizes a competition in sport fishing on this lake, so it is an ideal place for all passionate anglers with a pronounced competitive spirit, who will enjoy it the most here.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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