Spomen Kompleks Brankovina

Brankovina, Kolubarski okrug, Valjevo

Brankovina Memorial Complex - the most important information

Brankovina is one of the cultural monuments of exceptional importance. It is a historical and cultural whole that is known for the Nenadović family, who were born and buried near the village church. It is located 11 kilometers from Valjevo, near the road to Sabac.

History of the Brankovina complex
It is one of the oldest villages in the Valjevo region, but it only gained importance in the 18th century because of Aleksa Nenadović, who was executed in the slaughter of princes in 1804. Brother Jakov, son Proto Mateja Nenadović, son Sima Nenadović, they were all born and they all lived, in this area of ​​great historical importance. They left a big mark in the fight against the Turks.

What must you see at the mention of the Brankovina complex?
The memorial complex Brankovina is rich in many important objects that you can visit. Cultural monuments can be seen at every turn. It consists of:
  • a church with an old cemetery
  •  four fellows
  •  church house
  • Desanka's school with a museum display
Desanka Maksimović was buried at the Brankovina school, and every year the Desanka Maksimović Award is given to poets in Serbia, on the day of her birth, May 16. Ljubo Nenadović's sculpture is located in the yard of one of the oldest schools in Serbia, and the initiator of its construction was Proto Matija, in 1834. In the grove, above the promenade, there is also the cemetery of the famous Nenadović family.

How to get to the mention of the Brankovina complex?
It is located about 11 kilometers from the nearest town of Valjevo, in the Kolubara district. You can visit this village:
  • By car, if you travel from Valjevo, it will take you about 10 minutes
  • By bus Valjevo - Brankovina - the first bus leaves every day at 7 am, Lasta carrier and the last bus leaves at 6 and 35 pm, Eco-tours Debrc.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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