Spomen kosturnica u Prnjavoru

Prnjavor, Mačvanski okrug, Sabac

Memorial ossuary in Prnjavor - the most important information

The memorial with the ossuary was erected in the period from 1914 to 1922, in the village of Prnjavor, which is located between the river Drina and the hill Dzajevac. Prnjavor is the only village in Serbia that received the Order of Karadjordj's Star with Swords for Courage. In 1962, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared the Memorial Church a cultural monument of exceptional importance.

History of the Memorial Ossuary in Prnjavor
The memorial ossuary was designed by the architect Milan Minić, and the president of the subcommittee was Nikola Pasic. It contains the bones of 535 victims, and was discovered on November 5, 1922. It was built of stone in the shape of a Greek cross. Below the floor is a tomb in which the remains of 535 victims of the Austro-Hungarian army are buried. The village of Prnjavor was in the possession of the Cokesina monastery, and at the beginning of the 18th century it became independent. In the First World War, he suffered great damage from Austro-Hungarian troops, after the defeat in the Battle of Cer.

What must you see in the Memorial of the Ossuary in Prnjavor?
On the walls of the chapel, inside, you can see painted historical compositions, made in the fresco technique, and depicting scenes of shooting, torture and killing, such as:
  • the massacre at the school and Milutinovic's house
  • the murder of Nikola Pasic
  • shooting at the train station
Within the location, there is a church as well as a memorial chapel with an ossuary and a bust of others. Archibald Rice.

How to get to the Ossuary Memorial in Prnjavor?
The memorial chapel is located in the southwestern part of the Macva plain, 26 kilometers from Sabac, on the road Sabac - Loznica. You can reach this memorial ossuary in the village of Prnjavor by car


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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