Dubai Marina - the most important information

Welcome to the most elite neighborhood in Dubai. It’s a heaven on earth for all hedonists and people who crave luxurious vacations. This part of the city was built from scratch, on an area where nothing existed, and today it is one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai.

About Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is a district established in 2003 along the Persian Gulf. It’s a residential and commercial area where more than 55.000 people live and work daily. In just 5 square kilometers of the Dubai Marina are located some of the most fashionable stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. Inside the district, there is an artificial sea channel 3.5 kilometers long. Of course, this part of the city is known for its beaches equipped and provided with all comforts, promenades with palm trees, and breathtaking skyscrapers. Dubai Marina is basically a city within a city and one of the favorite places of many tourists.

What to do in Dubai Marina? 
There are of things you can experience and explore. For those who do not skimp when it comes to vacation, Dubai Marina will be a place of relaxation and joy. 
  • The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence - this is a famous promenade that extends on around 1.7 kilometers. It is a perfect place for taking a walk but also for shopping. You’ll find plenty of souvenir shops, retail stores, and restaurants with excellent views here. Purchase anything you like, from jewelry and beachwear to food and house decorations.
  • Go on a cruise - This is a perfect way of exploring and experiencing the district. You will have the chance to see Dubai Marina from a different perspective and see some of its most important buildings. For an exclusive experience, you can book a tour on a yacht, where you’ll have a rich dinner and the best view of the area during the night.
  • Swim in the sea - Enjoy a day on the cleanest beach you’ll find. People in charge of taking care of the beach make sure you get everything you need and have a perfect time sunbathing and swimming in the Persian Gulf.
  • More shopping - The perfect place for all shopaholics is Dubai Marina Mall. Indulge yourself in one of the most fun activities in Dubai - shopping. You can spend the whole day in the mall and find absolutely anything you ever desire.
  • Enjoy your stay in every possible way - Take advantage of being in such a perfect place. Book a hotel room with the best view, take a spa treatment, eat nice food and enjoy Dubai’s rich nightlife! 
How to get to Dubai Marina?
Getting around the district is pretty easy since the area is not that big. Still, you’ll need to find a way to get to the Dubai Marina.
  • By metro - The easiest way to get to the Dubai Marina is by taking the M1 metro line. 
  • By bus - Buses 8, 84, and F55A regularly operate in this area, so taking any of them will lead you to your destination.
What should you know before visiting Dubai Marina?
You might think that staying in Dubai Marina would be much more expensive, but it is not. The prices are generally lower than in Downtown Dubai.