Clock tower - The most important information

The Clock or Clock Tower is located at the entrance to the Old Town, between Đurković and Herceg Stefan squares. The 16-meter-high tower was built in 1667 by order of Sultan Mahmud. The tower is not only an attraction of Herceg Novi but also its main symbol used on the city flag and all brochures related to the city.

History Clock Tower

As we have already said, the tower was built in 1667 by order of Sultan Mahmud. Next to the tower, in the time of the Turks, there was a mosque, and the clock on the tower showed the time of daily Muslim prayer. In addition, the tower served as the main city gate. The old city clock from that period was replaced only in 1995 by a new electric clock, which Herceg Novi received as a gift from the sister city of Serbia, Zemun. The bell, which is still on the tower today, was donated by Queen Catherine II to the inhabitants of the city.

Significance of the Clock Tower
In addition to its architectural significance, the tower also hides a great historical treasure. The city archive, where documents from 1685 can be found, is located right in the tower. Inside the tower there is a unique relief called the Black Mother of God. According to legend, during the battle between the Venetians and the Turks in 1687, three inhabitants of Perast found shelter behind an olive tree. The cannonball hit the tree, which gave them protection, and they carved a statue of the Mother of God from it as a sign of gratitude.

How to get to the Clock Tower?
  • On foot: You can reach the Clock Tower by walking through Njegoseva Street to the main square of Nikola Djurkovic and the symbol of the city of Herceg Novi - the Clock Tower waits for you there.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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