Gradski Muzej Herceg Novi

Mirka Komnenovića 9, Herceg Novi

City Museum Herceg Novi - The most important information

The City Museum is the endowment of Mirko and Olga Komnenović. The museum is located in the warmest part of the city near the house of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić and only 40 steps from the sea. Its position and appearance dominate this part of the city.
The Museum also includes a botanical collection with more than 100 selected species of Mediterranean and subtropical plants.

History of the City Museum Herceg Novi
The house where the Museum is located was built in the 18th century in the Baroque style. The museum was founded in 1949 and opened to the public in 1953. The appearance of the house changed in the 19th century when expansions and upgrades were added.

What to see at the City Museum Herceg Novi
The City Museum is of a complex type and contains several collections:
  • Archaeological collection - consists of artifacts from prehistory, antiquity and the early Middle Ages, including amphorae and parts of ship's cargo from all Mediterranean countries during the domination of ancient Greece.
  • Historical collection - contains documentation that follows the historical and political events of Herceg Novi from its founding in 1382 until today.
  • Art collection - consists of a collection of contemporary art and a collection of icons, of which stand out icons made in the style of the Boka Kotorska iconographic school, as well as Russian and Greek icons.
  • Ethnological collection - contains objects from the tradition and culture of this region and the wider area of ​​Boka. 
Opening hours and ticket price for City Museum?
  • Working hours - Monday - Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Ticket price - 1.5 euros
How to get to the City Museum?
The easiest way to get there is through Njegoševa Street, from which you enter the side street of Mirko Komnenović, which leads to the beach and the Museum.