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Herceg Novi is a city known for its greenery and a variety of plant species brought from various countries to which the people of Novlje traveled. Currently, over 250 different species of exotic plants grow in this city, distributed in the parks and gardens of Herceg Novi.

Garden of the Gradski Muzej
The garden of the Gradski Muzej at the end of Mirko Komnenović Street is planted with more than a hundred plant species. The Botanical Garden contains examples of rare plants that Olga and Mirko Komnenović brought from their travels. In addition to typical Mediterranean plants, the garden is rich in palms, cacti, agaves, and aloes vera.

Savska Dubrava Park
Savska Dubrava Park was arranged during the second half of the 19th century under the hand of Bishop Gerasim Petranović. For more than a century, it has been the main city park - the promenade. Due to exceptional natural values, in 1996 the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi passed a decision on the protection of Savska Dubrava as a nature reserve. Due to its lush evergreen flora, it is also called the lungs of Herceg Novi. Just a hundred meters from the sea there are winding forest paths surrounded by pine, cypress, laurel and many other examples of exceptional flora found in this park.

St. Leopold's Park
St. Leopold Park is located in the city center, near the post office, and can be reached by the main Herceg Novi road. The central part of the park is covered with greenery, and in the park, there are playgrounds adapted for the youngest.
Due to its position, it represents a true oasis of peace at the center of all events in Herceg Novi.

Igalo Youth Park
It is located in the center of Igalo between the promenade and the main city road. Its tall pine trees and well-kept walking paths and benches are recognizable. In summer it is an ideal place to relax in the shade, from which you can enjoy the sea view.


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