The Tara River Canyon - The most important information

Tara is the longest river in Montenegro and is about 144 km long. It originates below Komovo, from the rivers Opasnica and Verusa and is under the protection of UNESCO. This powerful river carved one of the largest canyons in the world, 78 km long, with steep sides at a height of over 1,300 meters. This is precisely why the Tara river canyon is the second deepest in the world. This attraction is becoming more and more popular every year, and tourists love to visit it because of the many adrenaline activities they can experience there, but also because of the incredible beauty of the river and nature. It is ideal for rafting, which is a world-famous adrenaline sport.

Apperenace of the Tara canyon
The Tara River Canyon is about 78 km long, and due to its incredible depth, this canyon is the first in Europe and the second in the world, right after the Colorado River Canyon. It is one of the few oases of untouched nature. Some still call it the turquoise treasure of Montenegro precisely because of its almost unreal color. With its very steep sides, but also a suitable climate, it is the habitat of many rare and endemic species.

What must be visited in the Tara canyon?
In addition to the phenomenal nature that surrounds it, special places from which Tara's view is unassailable deserve the greatest attention.
  • Bridge on Djurdjevica Tara - Anyone who has visited Tara in Montenegro has never missed the famous bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, which is an unusually long and high bridge that can be crossed by car or on foot, and which was long considered the largest road bridge of of reinforced concrete in Europe. Indeed, this bridge is grandiose and special in everything. Once upon a time, when it was built in 1940, it broke two world records, one of which remains unsurpassed. Its largest arch, out of a total of 5, has a span of 116 meters and until then such a construction project had never been carried out. What makes it still the first in the world is the former wooden structure, the cost of which was almost half of the total cost of the bridge. The view of Tara from here is incredible and completely fairytale-like.
How to get to the Tara canyon?
You can reach the Tara canyon:
  • By car - Tara River Canyon is about 26 km from Zabljak, which requires a 30-minute drive. The best route leads across the street P5, more precisely the Ulica Narodnih Heroja, which leads to the exit from the town itself. This road leads through Tepacko polje, past Borje, through Rasova all the way to the bridge on Djurdjevica Tara. From there, you have a few hundred meters to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Montenegro.


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