Manastir Dobrilovina

Gornja Dobrilovina, Zabljak

Dobrilovina Monastery - The most important information

The Dobrilovina Monastery is dedicated to Saint Djordje and is located in the village of Donja Dobrilovina, on the left bank of the Tara River. It is believed that this monastery is actually an endowment of the Holy Line of Nemanjic, although it was built much later. Popularly, this monastery is also called Mala Moraca, because it resembles the Morača monastery.

History of Dobrilovina monastery

The temple in Donja Dobrilovina was first mentioned around 1593, when the Turkish authorities issued an unusual permit for the reconstruction of the ruined church that was located in this place, and it was also mentioned in 1602. During the time of abbot Joakim, in 1609, the church of St. George was built, and the interior was painted in the same year. In 1749, the monastery was rebuilt, only to be completely destroyed by the Turks in 1799. Then many valuable objects were hidden in the cave, and some were never returned. The last renovation of the monastery was in 1989.

How to get to Dobrilovina monastery?
You can reach Dobrilovina monastery:
  • By car - Dobrilovina Monastery is about 43 km from Zabljak, so you will need to set aside about 50 minutes for that trip. The fastest route leads along the P5 road past Karlovacka Dolina, Borje and the bridge over Djurdjevica Tara.
Additional information
During your visit to the monastery, please dress appropriately. Entry is not permitted in tank tops, Bermuda shorts, slippers, shorts or short skirts.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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