Black Lake - The most important information

Crno jezero is located about 3 km from Zabljak, at an altitude of 1418 meters. This glacial lake is the largest with an area of ​​0.515 square km, and certainly the most popular lake in Durmitor, and it is also the second largest lake in Montenegro. Crno jezero is part of the Durmitor National Park, which is under the protection of UNESCO. Legend says that the lake was created by Saint Sava. Be that as it may, this attraction is certainly worthy of the great attention given to it, for the very reason that the lake itself and its surroundings form one of the magical, almost fairy-tale mountain idylls.

Appereance of the Black Lake

Black Lake is located at the foot of Medjed Peak. Crno jezero consists of two smaller lakes, Great and Small Lake. These two parts of the lake are connected by a narrow stream, but they also form two separate bodies of water.
  • The Great Lake has an area of ​​about 0.338 square km, while the deepest point is 24.5 meters. The lake has a maximum length of 855 meters and a width of 615 meters.
  • The Small lake has an area of ​​about 0.177 square km, while the deepest point is 49.1 meters. The lake has a maximum length of 605 meters and a width of 400 meters.
Black Lake is about 1155 m long. And it is interesting that the Small Lake has a larger volume than the Big Lake, precisely because of its noticeably greater depth.

What must be seen on the Black Lake?
Black Lake, in addition to the great natural beauty that surrounds it, is also distinguished by the phenomenal views and caves that are located in the immediate vicinity. The depths of the lake also hide underground passages through which the water itself flows to Tara and Piva, which is rare. We recommend that you definitely visit:
  • Tito's Cave - Tito's Cave is located next to the small lake itself. This cave does not have an imposing interior, it is more like a deep cut in the rock. However, this cave has historical significance. In 1943, together with the partisans, Josip Broz Tito stayed in Tito's cave. It is believed that the plan for the famous battle on Sutjeska was created in this very place.
Entrance fee at the Black Lake
The entrance fee is charged and purchased on the spot, when entering the Durmitor National Park.
  • Admission for children up to 7 years old is free
  • The ticket for adults and children over seven years old is 3 EUR
  • Tickets for organized groups are 1.50 EUR
  • The ticket for 3 days is 6 EUR
  • The ticket for 7 days is 12 EUR
  • The ticket for 15 days is 20 EUR
  • The ticket for one year is 30 EUR
How to get to Black Lake?
You can reach the Black Lake:
  • By car - If you are coming from Zabljak or from Serbia, the best way to get to this attraction is Njegoseva Street. This street continues to the Road to the Black Lake, which takes you along a winding road past the Tourist Information Center all the way to the Black Lake. This trip will take you about 7 minutes of easy driving. In front of the entrance to the Black Lake, you have a secured parking lot.
  • By foot - If you decide to go on foot, this adventure will take you about an hour and a half, and the distance from the center of Zabljak to the Black Lake is 2.5 km. It is best to move along Njegoseva Street and Put za Crno Jezero Street.