Vrnjacki Park - the most important information

An oasis rich in vegetation and sights is located in the very center of Vrnjacka Banja. It is simply impossible to come to Vrnjacka Banja, and not take a walk through Vrnjacki Park because it is the very soul of this town. Rows of fragrant linden trees create an atmosphere that rests the soul and body, and cultural monuments tell stories about the lives of the people of Vrnjacka Banja.

History of the park

The first foundations of the park were laid back in 1888, which immediately attracted the attention of many people. From that moment, various experts and artists were coming to this place to enrich the look of the city park with their most original ideas. Among them is Franz Winter, who in 1893 designed a large part of the new park with his designs.

Today, Vrnjacki Park stretches on a length of 2 km. Built in the very center of the spa, it is now a well-known place for relaxing and enjoying the ambiance of a mixed English-French park style.

The best spots in the park
In one casual walk you can cross more than 20 bridges under which the gentle river Vrnjacka reka flows, and see:
  • Most ljubavi - a famous bridge on which lovers leave padlocks as symbols of eternal love.
  • Vrnjacki lavirint - labyrinth in which you can get lost for a while among the heavenly vegetation.
  • Rimski izvor - spring whose healing mineral water is available to everyone.
Vrnjacki Park offers a little something for everyone. Within the park, there is also a playground for the youngest and dining restaurants surrounded by fountains and decorative flowers. We recommend that you do not miss the carriage ride around the park, in an entirely romantic manner.

The most exotic corner of the park certainly is the Japanese Garden, where grow various plant cultures from distant Japan. After Belgrade, this is the second place where you can see a garden like this, relax by the tea house and the cascading waterfall, and inhale the scent of another culture.

How to get to the park
You cannot just pass by Vrnjacki Park, as it is located in the center of Vrnjacka Banja.
  • By car: you can reach the park by vehicle, and on its paths, you can continue on foot.
  • By taxi: Profi Taxi - 063 / 618-090, 063 / 619-999, 065 / 81-99-999
  • On foot: if you are in the spa, you can easily reach the park on foot and walk through this whole complex.
Additional information
Rarely anyone can resist the beauties of Vrnjacki Park. Each of its trails remembers that greats of our history, such as Desanka Maksimovic and Ivo Andric, used to pass there.

Inspiring scenes and warm stories from this place still serve as inspiration to many. We can say that Vrnjacki Park, in a unique way, connects man with nature and offers everyone a different but always equally beautiful experience.

The park and its surroundings are also hosts of events such as:
  • Vrnjacki Festival
  • Love Fest
  • Beer Fest
  • Event Poljubi me (Kiss Me)
The surroundings
In the vicinity of this rich park, there are numerous other sights of great cultural and historical significance. Don't miss to see:


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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