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Japanski vrt – the most important information

The park of Vrnjacka Banja itself is a relaxing place. But over time, each part of it emerged as a unique corner itself, with many different attractions and sights. One such place is the garden Japanski vrt - a park within the park that brings a touch of the distant Japanese culture to the very center of Serbia. Not visiting this garden when visiting Vrnjacka Banja would be a real shame because this is one of the places a visitor should feel with all the senses.

History of the garden
This garden has been growing and developing since 2011 as a symbol of the bonding between the two cultures. However, as soon as you set out on its paths, you will see that it is much more than that. Vrnjacka Banja is after Belgrade, the second place where you can see a garden like this. But with an area of ​​3000 square kilometers, it is the largest garden of this type.

The best spots in the park
It is a carefully arranged space filled with living and non-living nature. It is enriched with unusual plants dressing the classic look of the garden in a completely new guise. 

If you go for a walk through the Japanski vrt, you will be greeted by Japanese cherry trees, flowers, and lamps that will accompany you all the way to the center of this oasis, where you can see:
  • Lake with a cascading waterfall
  • Wooden bridge 
  • Tea house
These are the favorite places for visitors to rest and think.

In a place like this, you should walk slowly and breathe deeply. This way, you may capture a part of the everyday life of Japanese people and at least briefly follow in the footsteps of another culture. However, here you will not feel like in a foreign land, because the very nature of the Japanese garden grows peacefully in the surroundings of Vrnjacki Park. 

The most valuable feature of the Japanski vrt certainly is its unobtrusive structure that will remind you how simple the beauty is.

How to get to the garden
The garden is located within Vrnjacki Park, which is the very heart of the spa. As many roads lead straight to the center where the park is located, it is very easy to reach this large complex.
  • By car: driving a car you can reach the narrow park paths from where you have to continue on foot.
  • By taxi: Profi Taxi - 063-618-090, 063-619-999, 065 / 81-99-999
  • On foot: through Vrnjacki Park, many paths lead to the garden Japanski vrt, so walking to this place can also be interesting and relaxing.
The surroundings
In addition to this beautiful garden, Vrnjacki Park nurtures many other sights in its complex:


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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