Spring Rimski izvor – the most important information

It seems that the territory of Vrnjacka Banja is one of those where there has always been life. Archeology here confirms the presence of different peoples, mostly the Romans. The reason they showed interest in this place is precisely the mineral springs with the healing properties of water.

The origin of the spring Rimski izvor
There are seven such springs in Vrnjacka Banja. Thanks to the travelog of ethnologist and archaeologist Felix Kanitz, "Study of Roman monuments in the Kingdom of Serbia" from the end of the 19th century, today we know that the Romans built their spas and thermal baths around these healing waters. There is also evidence that in the very center of Banja, in the period from the II to the IV century, there was a health resort AQUAE ORCINAE. It was built by the legionaries of Emperor Constantine.

This place is today called Rimski izvor (meaning: Roman spring). It was found in 1924 during capitation and has gone through various phases ever since. Shortly after it was repaired, by the end of the Second World War, the spring was covered with concrete plates and disappeared underground again. Only in 1989, rediscovered in the center of Vrnjacka Banja, it springs again for the umpteenth time in history.

What to see
Next to the carved rock from which the mineral water flows, Roman money and some jewelry were found. Near the spring archeologists found the first known swimming pool, so it became clear that the Romans used all the potentials of healing water.

Today, you can get to its hot water by stairs on both sides decorated with marble columns. Here you can see:
  • A glass pyramid - which rises above the spring protecting it from external influences. Still, the glass construction allows curious passers-by to look inside, and the stairs on both sides lead visitors to the water spring itself.
  • Source of mineral water - water from this source is available to everyone, especially those who suffer from gastritis, hepatitis, motor disorders, and gallbladder diseases. It is also recommended for various types of rehabilitation and prevention of malignant diseases.
Well, whether you came for medicine or a slice of the Romans' life, be sure to visit one of the springs that, in addition to the body, preserves and nurtures the spirit and tradition of ancient Rome.

The most beautiful places near the spring Rimski izvor
If you already came to refresh yourself at this mineral spring, don't miss visiting nearby monuments and sites. There are all kinds of sights here, from those of historical significance to real oases of nature. In one casual stroll you can see:
  • Mineral spring "Topla voda"
  • Monument "Viteškom Kralju Aleksandru I Ujedinitelji"
  • The bridge "Most ljubavi"
  • Japanese garden
  • Sparrow statue "Gočko"
How to get to the spring Rimski izvor
The spring itself is located within Vrnjacki Park. Next to it is a path that crosses over the central part of the park.
  • On foot: you can walk through the complex of nature and monuments on foot and thus reach the spring.
  • By car: you can reach the center of the spa from the periphery by car. As soon as you reach the park, you can continue on foot along its paths.
Additional information
Vrnjacka Park is open throughout the day, which does not apply to the attractions within its complex. The spring Rimski izvor is always open, so you can refresh yourself with its healing water anytime.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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