Crkva Svetog Save u Gračacu

Selo Gračac, Vrnjacka Banja

Crkva Svetog Save in Gracac – the most important information

The village of Gracac on the mountain Goc is shrouded in a veil of legend. This small settlement between Vrnjacka Banja and Kraljevo remembers many people from our history as well as the history of ancient Rome.

But, one of the most significant legends of the village is related to the local church. The locals believe that Saint Sava himself participated in the construction of this church which celebrates his name. 

History of the church
According to that belief, it is more than 800 years old, which makes it even older than the monastery Zica.  The church, as a symbol of Saint Sava's legacy, has suffered many times throughout history. So, accurate data on its construction and founders have become lost. However, what resists time is a faith that builds a new structure again on its foundations. Thus, in 1812, a new Crkva Savetog Save was built and renovated again in 1842. 

Significance of the church
Today, Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture u Kraljevu (Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo) is taking care of the church. Its newly built walls preserve the great spiritual power that inspires the inhabitants of Gracac and everyone who visits it.

What to see
The church Crkva Svetog Save is located in the center of the village near a small village stream. By crossing the stone bridge, you can enter the yard where there are:
  • Church with a bell tower
  • Summer pavilion
  • Church cemetery
  • Village Museum
If you come to Gracac on January 27, you can attend the fair and the celebration of the village Slava - Savindan.

How to get to the church
The village of Gracac is 4 km away from the road Vrnjacka Banja - Kraljevo.
  • By car: you can easily reach the village, and even the church itself.
Additional information
Apart from the local church, what additionally excites the visitors is the lifestyle of the inhabitants. People from Goc still remember the traditional techniques of crocheting and making barrels, which they are very proud of. Visitors gladly observe and participate in learning these crafts and very often bring home some handicrafts.
  • Dress code: it is recommended that you come to the monastery decently dressed in clothes that cover the shoulders and knees.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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