Pit Bezdana jama - the most important information

This system is one of the longest interweavings of canals, halls, and corridors, and its length is about 6,000 meters. It is located on Pester, near the river and the settlement of the same name Usak, near Gornja Lopiza.

Experts believe that the system consists of three parts
Each of these units is characterized by a unique interior. You can enter the system through four entrances in more or less accessible places. The entire complex is under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" and welcomes both tourists and experts.

Characteristics of the pit Bezdana jama
The pit, with a somewhat intriguing name Bezdana jama (meaning: abbys), is the smallest part of the Usacki cave system. Although it takes up the least space, the Bezdana pit is more diverse in the entire complex. It has a specific look, and its channels are different from the rest of the system, so you will immediately know that you are in it.

What to see
The pit consists of six recognizable units that you can visit:
  • Entrance to the pit
  • Great hall
  • Gallery
  • Narrow canal
  • Connection channel
  • Canal with pillars
Of the cave decorations and jewelry, the most common are limestone baths where visitors can refresh themselves with water. In addition to the characteristic shapes that adorn the segments, especially the segments of the Ice and Ušačka Caves, this underground world also preserves the fossil remains of some animals.

Ticket price
The Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" organizes tours of the entire area. Each tour is guided by one of the tour organizers, a ranger, and often one of the speleological experts.
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for visitors older than 18, and 50 dinars for young visitors aged 8 to 18.
  • Ticket price to the Usacki cave system: 150 dinars per person
How to get to the Bezdana jama
As the Usacki cave system has a total of four entrances to it, you can reach it in different ways. The entrance to the pit itself is located at the end of the blind valley Miletin Do, about 500 meters from the entrance to the cave Usacka pecina.
  • By boat: As the caves here are hydrologically active depending on the season and weather conditions, some parts flood and become impassable. That is why it is most often approached by boat, especially from the part of the Ledena pecina, for which there is no other way to approach.
Additional information
These limestone castles are hidden from daylight and have no artificial lighting. You should not worry about that, because small lamps are quite enough for a safe tour and make the views of cave decorations even more beautiful.
  • Equipment: To experience the passage through the Usacki system safely and in the best possible manner you will need a light, preferably a flashlight. The organizers often include in the price of their tours the equipment that you need for this kind of adventure. In any case, be sure to have waterproof clothes, rubber boots, a helmet, and a lamp before entering the labyrinth of these caves.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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