Spomenik palim žrtvama u Dragincu

Draginac, Loznica

Monument and Crypt to the executed victims of Draginac - the most important information 

The monument in Draginac stands on the site of the tomb which contains the remains of the brutally shot inhabitants of Jadar, Draginac, Macva and local villages in 1941. It is located in Draginac, next to the road Loznica-Valjevo and Loznica-Zavlaka-Sabac, about 20 kilometers outside Loznica. The memorial ossuary is under state protection.

History of the Monument and Crypt to the executed victims of Draginac
In 1947, the German offensive tactics led the army towards Serbia in order to regain all the lost territories. On the way to Krupanj on October 14, the 342Division was stopped near Gajica Stena by partisans In order to take revenge, German troops gathered and arrested people from Draginac, Macva, Porcina, Jadra and shot them at several locations. Under the hands of the Germans, 2,950 people lost their lives in this brutal act, they were all buried in mass graves and their houses were burned in the process.

In 1961, all the remains were transferred to a common grave outside the village. The author of the tomb is Ostoja Gordanic and it is marked with a granite monument that is 7 meters high. The previous tombs are covered with arranged mounds on which plates with poetry by Djordje Radisic are laid.

Significance of the Monument and Crypt to the executed victims of Draginac
  • The memorial complex with a memorial ossuary is an immovable cultural asset and as such is considered a cultural monument of great importance.
  • After the war, all the tombs were arranged and marked, and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments takes care of them with great respect
  • The work of Ostoja Gordanic stands as a reminder of the innocent victims of the war that Loznica and its surroundings will not forget
  • Every October, in the memorial complex, the "Oktobarski dani" event is held in honor of the victims. 
How to get to the Monument and Crypt to the executed victims of Draginac?
From the center of Loznica to the memorial ossuary the easiest way is to travel by car. It takes less than 30 minutes to drive, as Draginac is only 20 kilometers away.
  • By car: from the center of Loznica follow Valjevski put (state road 27) all the way to the left turn to Jadranska, follow that street over the Bridge on Jadra all the way to the right turn to 14. Oktobar street which takes you to Draginac; near the bridge is a parking lot where you can leave your vehicle and from there follow the paved path 150 meters uphill to the monument.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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