Galerija Miće Popovića i Vere Božičković

Jovana Cvijića 12, Loznica

Mica Popovic's Gallery - the most important information 

The legacy of the spouses Mica Popovic and Vera Bozickovic Popovic, who are academic painters, is located in Jovana Cvijica Street in Loznica. The gallery has existed since October 1989 and works within the Cultural Center Vuk Karadzic. The fund on display contains their works of various techniques, personal items and books that they donated.

History of the Mica Popovic's Gallery
The permanent exhibition of the gallery is exhibited in the family house of Marijan Katic, which was built in 1878. The house was built in the spirit of historicism and contains decorative elements of romanticism. The grand opening at which the exhibition was presented took place on October 28, 1989. Matija Beckovic spoke at the opening.

Mica Popovic was born in Loznica and because of his work he is deservedly remembered as one of the most influential painters of the second half of the 20th century. He donated his works to the gallery, books about the art of painting that he wrote, as well as books written about him by Lazar Trifunovic, Dobrica Cosic, Borislav Mihajlovic Mihiz and Miodrag Pavlovic.

Vera Božičković Popović donated her paintings, 4 years after the founding of the gallery, together with personal photographs and plaques related to her life with Mica Popovic. At the beginning of 2010 the gallery space was renovated and modernized.

Significance of the Mica Popovic's Gallery
  • The building in which the gallery is located was a representative building in Loznica at the beginning of the 20th century, important people regularly stayed in it and it was declared a cultural monument.
  • Mica Popovic was proclaimed the first honorary citizen of Loznica and his contribution to cultural heritage of Loznica is notable
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Mica Popovic donated to the gallery:
  • 20 paintings: exhibited paintings with motifs of Loznica, "Cukundedova kuca" from 1936 and "Velika mrtva priroda" from 1989
  • 6 paintings: gift from Vera Bozickovic Popovic
  • 18 graphics
  • Drawings
  • Maps 
Working hours:
  • The gallery is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 15:00 
How to get to Mica Popovic's Gallery?
The street in which the gallery is situated is located near the center of Loznica and can be easily reached by car, private or taxi service. If you prefer a walk, it will not take you more than 5 minutes.
  • By car: from the city center through Pasiceva Street to the Jadar Museum where you turn right onto Jovan Cvijic Square that leads to the gallery
  • On foot: from the center of Loznica follow Vuk Karadzic Square to and through Jovana Cvijica Street
  • Taxi stations: Our taxi 015/876 133, OM taxi 015/871 626, LO taxi 015/872 872 
Additional information
  • In June the Vuk Karadzic Cultural Center organizes a two-day event "Mica and Vera's Days" in honor of these two great artists.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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