Koviljka town - the most important information 

Archaeological remains above Banja Koviljaca have remained from Roman times. Due to the proximity of the river Drina, it is assumed that there was a Roman river port below the city. The archeological site Koviljka town does not have organized tours for visitors and curators, but on a walk through Loznica and its surroundings you can visit on your own.

History of Koviljka town
Koviljka town was built by the Romans and it is believed that the city was primarily called Gensis. There is no exact information about the name as there is not enough evidence to prove it. The remains of the walls are located on a hill and extend to an area of 150 meters. The central part has been preserved to such an extent that it is possible to recognize where the different rooms were located.

Significance of Koviljka town
  • The site has not been fully archaeologically explored, so the opportunity for new research and projects is open
  • By finding the remains from the Roman period, a picture of the historical background of the Loznica area and the surrounding places is compiled and the previous knowledge is supplemented.
What to see
The localities that are located within the site and which you can see when visiting Koviljka town are:
  • Roman stones
  • Rooms at the top and bottom of the city
  • Stone with carved Roman ornaments
How to get to Koviljka town?
Koviljka town  is only a kilometer away from the city center and can be quickly reached on foot and by car. If you are on the outskirts of the city or prefer a ride, affordable taxi services are always available to you.
  • By car: from the center of Loznica through the street Italijanskih dobrovoljaca and Banjska to Marsala Tita on the state road 26; the same route can be followed for a walk to the site
  • Taxi stations: Our taxi 015/876 133, OM taxi 015/871 626, LO taxi 015/872 872 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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