Spomenik Filipu Višnjiću

Crkveni park Bedem, Loznica

Monument to Filip Visnjic - the most important information 

On the site of the former Loznica town today is a monument to Filip Visnjic. In its immediate vicinity is the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God. The sculpture has been standing in this place since 1995.

History of the Monument to Filip Visnjic
Filip Visnjic (1767-1934) is a respected Serbian poet, guslar and creator of numerous folk songs. As a child, he became blind due to smallpox. As a blind singer with a fiddle called gusle, he traveled from the Bosnian pashaluk all the way to Skadar, he sang to Serbs and in Turkish courts.

His songs that left the biggest mark on folk art are "Death of Marko Kraljevic", songs about Saint Sava as well as 13 songs about the First Serbian Uprising. He died in Grk, where he was buried.

Serbian sculptor Drinka Radovanovic designed a plan for the construction of a monument to Filip Višnjic. The monument is 2.7 m high and is made of bronze.

Significance of the Monument to Filip Visnjic 
  • Filip Visnjic is shown on the monument in a sitting position and with gusle in his hands, just as history remembers him
  • With his style and revolutionary themes, Visnjic connects the world of oral and literary creation and his great influence was recognized by Loznica and immortalize it
How to get to the Monument to Filip Visnjic?
The monument is less than 1 km away from the center of Loznica, so it is possible to reach it on foot or by car. If you come from the periphery, affordable taxi services are always available.
  • By car: drive along Pasiceva Street from the city center to the turnoff to Trg Jovana Cvijica and Vlade Zecevica Street, which you follow until you turn into Jovana Cvijica Street. This street takes you to the roundabout from which you exit to Trg Ante Bogicevica, which you should follow to the right turn to Kosancic Ivana street and just continue straight to the monument. 
  • Taxi stations: Our taxi 015/876 133, OM taxi 015/871 626, LO taxi 015/872 872


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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