Spomen-kosturnica Gučevo

Planina Gučevo, Loznica

Memorial Ossuary at Gucevo - the most important information 

Serbian and Austro-Hungarian warriors who died in this area in 1914 during the Battle of Gucevo on the Drina rest in the memorial ossuary. It is located near Crni vrh at almost 779 meters above sea level and is 16 kilometers away from Loznica. This significant place belongs to the mountain Gucevo.

History of the Memorial Ossuary at Gucevo

During the occupation of these areas in the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian army began the construction of a memorial pyramid with an ossuary, which was intended for their soldiers, but it was never completed. The Association of Reserve Officers and Warriors buried 3,200 remains of Serbian warriors in a joint ossuary, together with the remains of the 52nd Zagreb Regiment.

Following the plan of the architect V. Todic, the renovation and construction of the memorial ossuary with the pyramid was completed in 1929. The monument is 16.85 meters high and was built of artificial stone. The base of the pyramid is square, so with its lowered sides it forms the appearance of a cross. A double-headed eagle made of white marble is placed on the very top of the monument.

The west side of the pyramid is adorned with a laurel wreath of white marble with a cross in the middle under which the sarcophagus is decorated with relief. The relief shows the joint struggle of Serbian and Austro-Hungarian warriors. Njegos's quote on the architrave beam is held by two warrior guards with a sword in their hand. The same wreath was laid on the east side of the pyramid.

The area around the monument is surrounded by concrete pillars connected with iron bars and is meticulously decorated. The lookout with a view of Podrinje, Majevica, Semberija and Pocerina is one of the most beautiful ones in Loznica.

Significance of the Memorial Ossuary at Gucevo 
  • The ossuary is an immovable cultural asset of great importance
  • Under the pyramid is a tomb of the brave heroes, covered with a concrete slab, of the Battle of Drina and Gucevo, who fought in the Great War 
How to get to the Memorial Ossuary at Gucevo?
The fastest way to get to the monument from Loznica is by car, and due to the proximity, the ride will not take longer than 30 minutes. There are several routes, but the fastest is the one that follows the state road 331
  • By car: Follow Dositej Obradovic Boulevard on state road 26 to Marsal Tito and state road 331; continue on road 331 through Filipa Kljajica Street to Gucevska which will take you to Crni vrh and the memorial ossuary


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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