Trojanov grad

Cer, Loznica

Town of Trajan - the most important information 

The Roman fortress from the 3rd century is located on the mountain Cer at 607 meters above sea level. It is about 40 kilometers away from Loznica and a steep forest road leads to the fortress itself. According to popular belief, the fortress belonged to the mythical creature Trajan.

History of the Town of Trajan
Archaeological excavations have established that below the fortifications are the remains of a prehistoric city that correspond to the period between the Iron and Bronze Ages. Mount Cer is rich in ores that provide insight into prehistory in the Balkans.

The original stories about Trajan characterize him as a demon who was afraid of the Sun, so he was active at night when he went out looking for and seducing women. He lived in the remains of fortifications in remote forests inhabited by creatures like him. As he was often portrayed as a horseman with three heads, some authors also mention him as a modification of the god Triglav.

The significance of the Town of Trajan
  • Remains of fortifications and ore deposits both on the site of the Trojan town, and on the entire mountain Cer and its surroundings, supplement the previous knowledge about the Iron and Bronze Ages of prehistory
  • Archaeological research and excavations on this site have deepened the cooperation of local scientists and archaeologists with experts from around the world 
What to see
To this day, the remains of the defensive wall, ramparts and the moat below them have been preserved and can be seen. Archaeological excavations have not yet been fully carried out.

How to get to the Town of Trajan?
From Loznica, it is best to get to the Town of Trajan by your own vehicle. The farthest point that can be reached by car is the road that leads to the mountain lodge "Lipove vode", from where it is necessary to walk along the narrow forest road to the fortification.
  • By car: From the center of Loznica, take Valjevski put to the state road 27, which you follow to the left turn into Jadranska. You continue straight across the bridge on Jadran to Cerska and through it all the way to the state road 138. From there you need to follow the roads 138, 137 and 323 that lead you to the fortification 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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