Spomenik Vuku Karadžiću

Jovana Cvijića, Loznica

Monument to Vuk Karadzic - the most important information 

The monument is located  in the park near Jovan Cvijic Square in Loznica. Since 1964, it has welcomed Loznica residents and tourists at this place. It is surrounded by flower arrangements and can be visited all year round.

History of the Monument to Vuk Karadzic
Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic (1787-1864) is remembered for his work as the most important figure in Serbian literature of the 19th century. He was engaged in collecting folklore songs and stories, was a philologist and wrote the first dictionary of the Serbian language. Together with his contemporaries, he reformed the Serbian language and fought for the introduction of the vernacular into Serbian literature.

He holds several honorary doctorates and participated in the First Serbian Uprising as a scribe and clerk. He is an honorary citizen of Zagreb. He died in Vienna and his remains were transferred to Belgrade in 1897, when he was buried next to Dositej Obradovic.

The monument was built out of marble and is the work of sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic.

Significance of the Monument to Vuk Karadzic
  • Vuk Karadzic was born not far from Loznica in the settlement of Trsic, this monument is located on the way to his house in the ethno-complex and can be incorporated in the trip.
  • Vuk Karadzic's contribution to the Serbian language and culture is immeasurable 
How to get to the Monument to Vuk Karadzic?
The monument is just a 2-minute walk from the city center and can be reached on foot. You can use the taxi service or your own vehicle through the streets of Jovan Cvijica or Trg Vuka Karadzica. to come from the periphery
  • Taxi stations: Our taxi 015/876 133, OM taxi 015/871 626, LO taxi 015/872 872


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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