Stopića pećina

Selo Stopići, Zlatibor

Cave Stopica Pecina - the most important information

Cave Stopica Pecina is one of the most popular attractions of Zlatibor due to its characteristic interior and accessibility to tourists. It is located near the eponymous hamlet of Stopici, between the villages of Rozanstvo and Trnava, on the northeast side of Zlatibor. Apart from being accessible, this cave stands out as a speleological object of great beauty and sensational scenes that visitors often do not expect to see underground.

Cave characteristics
This cave is 1,691.5 meters long and is hydrologically active. Stream Trnavski Potok flows through its hollow, which shapes the limestone corridors and halls in a truly magnificent way. Here you will see a lot of cave jewelry formed from a limestone layer from the Triassic era. Due to its characteristics, cave Stopica Pecina attracts a large number of curious people, but also experts, of whom the first research of its interior was performed by Jovan Cvijic.

What to see

Cave Stopica Pecina consists of five units that are specific in shape and limestone ornaments:
  • Bright hall
  • Dark hall
  • Large hall with bathtubs
  • Channel with bathtubs
  • River canal
These spaces abound in specifics such as dugure (openings in the ceiling), stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone. The most prominent jewelry and elements of Stopica Pecina are:
  • Bigren tubs - cavities in which water collects and overflows into cascades are truly a spectacular sight. The deepest tub in the cave can be seen from the platform, and in its depth of 7.2 meters, you can see an imposing stalactite of 6.5 meters in height.
  • Waterfall "Source of Life" - it is a real rarity to see a waterfall underground, but one such phenomenon is found in this cave. This waterfall of as much as 9.44 meters in height is formed in the River Canal and is a unique attraction of the entire region.
Working hours
  • October 24 - April 5: from 09.30h to 16.30h
  • April 6 - July 15: from 09.30h to 18.00h
  • July 16 - September 10: from 09.30h to 19.00h
  • September 11 - October 23: 09.30h to 18.00h
Ticket price
  • Children up to 7 years: free entrance
  • Children from 7 to 15 years: 150 dinars
  • Adults: 250 dinars
How to get to Stopica Pecina
Above the cave itself passes the road Zlatibor - Sirogojno, from where you can take a path to a spacious entrance.
  • By car: this way, you can reach the cave path by car.
  • On foot: you can walk to the entrance of the cave and do the tour on foot.
Additional information
What has attracted even more visitors to visit this specific cave is the way it has been arranged for tourists. A trail of about 300 meters in length runs through the cave, with platforms above the bigren tubs and in front of the waterfall. In addition to the prominent places for observing the cave, Stopica Pecina also has artificial lighting of corridors and canals. Here you will have the opportunity to see the play of water and light pouring over the ceiling and walls of the cave, making the experience even more magical. Adapted space allows you to enjoy this speleological castle to the maximum and to experience it in the right way.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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