Spomenik na Šumatnom brdu

Šumatovo brdo, Zlatibor

Monument on Sumatno Brdo - the most important information

In addition to preserving the memory of important historical events, the monument on Sumatno Brdo is increasingly attracting those who enjoy adventure, challenges, and walking in the fresh mountain air. Due to that, it has become a popular tourist attraction, which people love to "conquer" in unforgettable walking tours.

History of the monument
The reason why this 10-meter-high stone monument has been built is to preserve the memory of 150 partisan fighters who were shot on November 30 and December 1, 1941. That is why this massive building of elegant appearance was put next to the memorial plaque, which was also placed here in honor of the partisan participants in the Second World War.

Significance of the monument
Since it was raised, this stone monument has been an important point on the tourist map, as an architectural work and an attraction that brings a large number of people to Sumatno Brdo. This hill, which is also called Glavudza, has a growing tourist potential and every year it becomes more arranged and adapted for visitors.

What to see
Climbing to the monument is often full of experiences because the path leads through beautiful meadows and pastures that leave no one unimpressed. The climate here changes due to the wind, so the walk to the monument is always pleasant and refreshing. To make the experience even better, next to the monument there is a lookout point with an unforgettable view of the peaks of Cigota and Tornik and the surrounding villages.
In this arranged space around the monument you can see:
  • Memorial ossuary
  • Telescope on the lookout
  • Picnic area
  • Pavillon and benches
When you reach the monument itself, don't forget to read the words engraved here. Here you can see the verses of the poet Vasko Popa as another reminder of the constant fight for freedom:
“Ne dam ovog Sunca u očima, ne dam ovo hleba na dlanu"
"I will not give this Sun from my eyes, I will not give this bread from my palm"
How to get to the monument
The trip to the monument is always a pleasant adventure because the trail is also suitable for those who are not in the best physical shape.
  • On foot: the monument is located only 2km from the tourist center of Zlatibor, and you can reach it in about 40 minutes.
  • On a horse: if you come across people who breed horses here, you could have the opportunity to reach the monument on horseback, which is an experience that you'll remember for a long time.
Additional information
The road to the monument is well secured, lit, and suitable for visitors of all ages. Many accommodation facilities have popped up in this area, and they have a good connection to Sumatno Brdo. Whether you come for a day or want to stay longer, here you can find accommodation, a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. If you come at the right time, you can also attend some manifestations that are held around the monument, such as poetic programs.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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