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Monastery Cokesina - The most important information

The Cokesina Monastery is located in the village of the same name, on the north side of the Cer mountain. This monastery belongs to the Diocese of Sabac of the Serbian Orthodox Church and is an important monument of Serbian culture.

The origin of the monastery
According to legends, the Cokesina Monastery was originally the endowment of Miloš Obilić, who began its construction before the Battle of Kosovo. Bogdan Čokeša, a former landowner from Macva, after whom both the village and the monastery were named, is responsible for the completion of the works. During its long history, the Cokesina Monastery has been destroyed and burned several times. On old foundations 1786-88. a new church was built, which was demolished again during the First Serbian Uprising, when a battle between Serbs and Turks took place at this place, better known as the Battle of Čokešina. A monument with a tomb was erected in the monastery gate in memory of the brave Serbian insurgents.

Today's church of the Cokesina monastery was built between 1820 and 1823, thanks to Prince Miloš and his brother Jevrem. During the Second World War, this monastery suffered great damage again, and was rebuilt in 1962. There used to be a hospital here, and the Cokesina monastery was the residence of poor children from various parts of the country. Significant renovation of the monastery will begin in 2002 with the help of the state, municipality and people. Then, the monastery got a new building in the economic part, and a new residence was built on the site of the old balcony. Also, asphalt was made to the monastery, so it can now be reached more easily and a large parking space has been arranged for all visitors.

Features and appearance of the monastery
If you are near Loznica, stop by this monastery and enjoy the peace it will provide. You will learn something about Serbian history, you will feel the breath of some older times and leave here reborn. The entire complex of the Cokesina monastery consists of: a church, a boarding house, a chapel and a small cemetery with several tombstones. There is also a monument to the heroes of the battle of Čokešina, the Nedić brothers, as the most prominent. The monastery church is dedicated to the birth of the Most Holy Mother of God, and since 1830 it has housed the famous icon of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God of Cokesina, which has been providing comfort to its believers for almost 2 centuries.

How to get to the monastery?
The distance of the Cokesina monastery from Šabac is 34 km, and it is the easiest to reach:
 By car - if you go by your own transport, you can reach the monastery by turning on the main road Loznica - Sabac to Macvanski Prnjavor, which is only 6 km away from the monastery.

Additional information
The Cokesina Monastery is an Orthodox nunnery. The head of this monastery is the abbess Ana Petrović. If you decide to visit this beautiful locality, you should keep in mind that this place is still sacred, so you should dress and behave accordingly.


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