El Paso City - the most important information

El Paso City is a place that people do not expect to see on Zlatibor, but it always pleasantly surprises them. Because it lies on the unique idea of ​​merging different cultures, this theme park has created an opportunity to get you introduced to the types of settlements that are located in two different parts of the world at the same time.

About El Paso City Park
This place is named after an American city located on the border between the USA and Mexico, whose name means crossing. Following the example of that city, the park on Zlatibor is located on a river that divides it into two parts. On one side is a cowboy town and an Indian village, and on the other side, there is a Zlatibor hamlet. All details of the park are designed in the style of these settlements from the 19th century. It is quite amazing to see these faithful replicas that are designed to the smallest details - from the log cabins and tents to caravans and weapons. The best thing about El Paso City is the varied offer of accommodation, so you can enjoy this place and stay here for several days.

What to see
El Paso City has so much content that you will probably have to tour this area for days. In addition to the unique ambiance on both sides of the river, this park is known for many authentic-looking buildings that have been adapted for tourists. Well, when you find yourself in the small town of El Paso, be sure to see and try everything it has to offer.

Cowboy City - Western Town

You will surely feel like in a western movie here because the replicas of the cowboy city come straight from the Wild West. The facilities you will see in this part of the city are:
  • Salon and billiard room
  • Bank and post office
  • Barbershop
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Prison
  • Museum with an exhibition of old weapons
  • Mill and windmill
Every detail of the Western Town work will create for you an ambiance from another time, and to complete the experience you can try one of the activities:
  • Horseshoe throwing
  • Cosplay - Cowboy costumes
  • Rodeo
Behind the Western Town, there is something else that will surely be interesting to you - caravans with the names of famous actors from western movies. In these caravans, you can stay and rest in the style of fearless cowboys.

Indian Village - Sitting Bull
The Indian village is located on the same side of the river and is a real refreshment after the hustle and bustle of the cowboy city. Here you can see:
  • Painted tents
  • Plateau with campfire
  • Totems
  • Treehouses
  • Children's playground
What gives additional charm to the Indian village is its location close to the pine forest. This whole area is immersed into the nature of the mountain and offers hidden places for walking and relaxing. You can stay in tents and tree houses and wake up surrounded by nature and fresh air.
While here, don't miss the opportunity to try some of the sports and hobbies of the ancient Indians:
  • Archery
  • Ax throwing
  • Cosplay - Indian costumes
Zlatibor hamlet
You may already know the appearance of the Serbian village, but do you know how people lived on Zlatibor in the 19th century? One part of El Paso City is dedicated to presenting the traditional style of building houses and log cabins. All these houses are enchanted by the visitors with fine details and well-groomed appearance, so they often want to spend their vacation in one of them. In addition to 12 log cabins for accommodation, there are some other facilities in the Zlaibor hamlet:
  • The church
  • Stable
  • Trout pond
  • Playground for children
Don't miss seeing a replica of the Elza steam locomotive with a freight and passenger car. This locomotive went back in time, from 1960, and found its place in this unique complex. Apart from numerous activities and wonderful accommodation in various parts of the park, you can, of course, find shops and souvenir shops here. It is simply impossible to return home from this place without at least one cowboy hat, Indian bracelet, or warm poncho.

Ticket price
In addition to entering the complex, some of its facilities are charged extra. In case you book accommodation here, the entrance is free, and the restaurant services are reduced by 10%.
  • Individual tickets
    • Adults - 350 dinars
    • Children - 300 dinars
  • Group tickets (more than 20 people)
    • Adults - 250 dinars
    • Children - 200 dinars
How to get to the park
El Paso City is located only 14 km from the tourist part of Zlatibor, near Dobroselica. It is very easy to reach.
  • By car: the highway leading from Belgrade to the Adriatic passes right next to this park.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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