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National Museum Kraljevo - the most important information 

The National Museum in Kraljevo has existed since 1950 when it was founded under the name Rankovicevo City Museum. In its first decade of existence, the museum has been actively involved in the formation of collections within the fund and active work on improving business and research. It changed the name and the building in which it operates and exhibits, after it was moved from the historic building of Master Vasa's Konak. Today, it exhibits 6 collections and, together with various events, presents them within the old school building not far from the city center.

History of the National Museum Kraljevo
Professor Milorad S. Jovic, as one of the founders and the first manager, marked the first decade of the museum's existence and significantly influenced the memory of that period as a period of active collection and dedicated work. At that time, many associates joined the museum, the majority part of the fund was formed and the museum was still in Master Vasa's konak. The konak building was restored in the 1960s and served as a museum building until 1999. From 1962 to 1974, professional curators joined the team sporadically. During this period, the manager of the museum was the historian Miroslav Stamenovic, and during his management, the Gallery of Frescoes was opened. Part of the building of the Spiritual Court had been intended for the museum so that the frescoes can be exhibited.

Two more departments of the museum were established, the Propaganda-Pedagogical Department and the Documentation Department. The museum started publishing its professional magazine "Nasa proslost" in the 1980s. This period for the museum brought intensive archeological research, numerous scientific research projects and active exhibition and supplementation of the Art Collection. The Municipal Assembly of Kraljevo handed over the old school building to the museum for use, which was converted into a building with a space of 1270 square meters on 4 levels. Since moving to this now well-known building in 1995, the museum has expanded its activities, introduced into the program cultural and historical events, cooperated with museums throughout Serbia and won numerous awards for its permanent exhibition.

Significance of the National Museum Kraljevo
  • The National Museum of Kraljevo actively participates in the affirmation of the city of Kraljevo and with its permanent exhibition looks back at its history and that is why it received the status of a cultural institution of national importance.
  • The exhibition event Children's May Salon has been its significant treasure since 1974 all to this  day 
  • In addition to numerous awards, the Mihailo Valtrovic Award for Museum of the Year, which is awarded by the Museum Association of Serbia, stands out
What to see
The National Museum is in charge of the municipalities of Kraljevo, Raska and Vrnjacka Banja. As a gift to the museum, Dr. Olivera Colovic Radojkovic gave a family house at 98 Karadjordjeva Street, which contains a large number of artworks and valuable household items. This house has been renovated and since 2016 it has served as an additional exhibition space as a legacy of the National Museum. The collections that make up the museum fund are:
  • Archeology: over 200 exhibits of this collection are from the period of prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages and were collected both by detailed archaeological research and by the legacy of Leposava Aleksic
  • Numismatics: formed at the same time as the museum and mostly filled with gifts and repurchases, today it also contains a "study collection" with over 1800 pieces of metal and paper money from the period 2-20th century
  • Geology: several hundred objects, including fossilized remains, mineral druze from Trepca, human skeletal material from prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages
  • Ethnology: this collection contains items from the fields of agriculture, hunting and fishing, old crafts, furniture, costumes, lamps, jewelry, musical instruments and furniture
  • Art: contains a collection of works by Vladislav Marzik, a legacy of Mirko Pocuca, a collection of artworks by esteemed artists of the 20th century, a collection of modern sculptures and a collection of copies of frescoes from medieval monasteries
  • History: contains weapons and military equipment, objects from the 19th and 20th centuries, objects and documentation from the period of the Obrenovic dynasty, postcards and photographs, especially from the period of the Karadjordjevic dynasty, memorial objects from shooting victims in Lager in 1941. 
Ticket price
  • Adults 100 dinars
  • Children 50 dinars
Occasional exhibitions and programs can be visited free of charge. The ticket is free for preschool children, people with disabilities and their company, ICOM members with a membership card and for members of the Museum Society of Serbia and the Serbian Archaeological Society.

Working hours
  • Tuesday-Friday 08: 00-20: 00
  • Weekends 09: 00-13: 00
How to get to the National Museum Kraljevo?
The museum building is located on St. Sava Square and it takes less than 5 minutes to walk from the central square. Affordable taxi services are always available if you prefer a ride  or come from the outskirts.
  • On foot: from the Monument to the Serbian Warrior, follow Omladinska Street straight to Karadjordjeva where the museum building is located
  • Taxi stations: Bond taxi - 036 317911; As taxi 036 323323; Tref Taxi KV 036 323232; Mega Taxi KV 036 303303 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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