Temple of Saint Sava - The most important information

The Church of Saint Sava is one of the most recognizable symbols of Belgrade. This magnificent place is located in the center of the capital and gathers a large number of believers and interested tourists every day. The temple is the center of Serbian culture, tradition and Orthodox faith. At the same time, this imposing building made of white marble is one of the biggest attractions of the Serbian capital.

History of the temple of Saint Sava
The history of this magnificent temple goes far back in our past. The place where the Turks burned the relics of Saint Sava transferred from Mileseva today is the place where a large temple was built in his glory and honor. It has been 300 years since that horrible act when the Society for the Foundation of the Temple was finally formed, and the construction of the temple began in 1935. Only today, a large part of the work on the construction of the temple has been completed, but the first row of frescoes is still awaited. Below the temple is a crypt in which the pariahs will be buried.

Significance of the temple of Saint Sava
The significance of this temple is so great that it is difficult to describe in words. First of all, the temple of Saint Sava is a symbol of Serbian culture, faith and tradition. It is inextricably linked to the very identity and customs of a people. The temple is a silent and constant witness of all the changes, wars and turmoil experienced by one nation and a witness of all the changes that were born from it. If we look at all that, the significance of the temple goes beyond the usual framework. It is an extremely important, holy place that is a symbol of hope, faith, Christianity and victory.

What to see in the temple
The temple of Saint Sava is a true miracle of Serbian architecture and fine arts. The best architects and artists gave their best to captivate this sacred space with their ideas and works. Of course, inside the temple you can find many precious frescoes and icons, as well as a crypt. We have singled out what you can see inside the temple:
  • Interior mosaic
  • The crypt of the temple
  • Significant frescoes and icons
  • Iconostasis

How to get to the monastery
Considering that the temple is located in the very heart of Belgrade, in Vracar, almost all city lines lead to it and it is extremely well connected with all parts of the city. You can reach the temple:
  • By bus- 31, 48, 78, 83, A1
  • Vozom- Bg Voz1, Bg Voz 2
  • By tram- 9
  • Own vehicle

Time to visit
  • Every day from 07:00 to 20:00
  • The morning liturgy begins at 07:30 or 09:00
  • The evening liturgy is reserved for 17:00 and 18:00.

Additional information
  • Be properly trained during the visit
  • It is not allowed to enter in T-shirts with straps, Bermuda shorts or slippers


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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