Manastir Lelić

Lelić, Valjevo

Lelic Monastery - the most important information 

In the village of the same name near Valjevo, there is a monastery which is the endowment of Bishop Nikolaj Vladimirovic and his father Dragomir. The official year of foundation is 1996, when the church was turned into a monastery. Today, the abbot is at the head of this male monastery. It stands out for its architectural beauty and we recommend that you visit it when you are staying in this part of Serbia.

History of the Lelic Monastery
The former Bishop of the Sabac-Valjevo diocese, Lavretija, initiated the proclamation of the church in Lelic as a monastery, and that process lasted for more than 5 years. The main obstacle on this path was the lack of monks. The help was provided by the fraternity of the Kaona monastery, which took over the management of the church. A solemn liturgy served by Patriarch Pavle in the presence of numerous bishops marked the monastery title on May 12, 1996. The church of the monastery is dedicated to the Transfer of the relics of the Holy Bishop Nikolaj Miriklijski and was built in a particularly impressive style. It is in the shape of a cross with a dome above the central part of the temple and is visibly built in the Moravian style, which is complemented by elements of modern architecture. The iconostasis was painted at the time of the erection of the church and is the conceptual work of Bishop Nikolaj. They were restored at the end of the 20th century.

Significance of the Lelic monastery
  • The monastery houses the relics of Bishop Nikolaj, which were transferred from the monastery of St. Sava in Illinois in 1992.
  • The iconostasis painted in the monastery church depicts the theological interpretation of Bishop Nikolaj and with its appearance attracts the most attention of tourists who come to visit.
What to see
The monastery complex and its surroundings consist of:
  • Church museum: the house for priests with 4 rooms was adapted into a museum as a sign of remembrance of Bishop Nikolaj.
  • Iconostasis: they date from 1929 and are the work of the artists Krsta and Raphael Nikolic.
  • Icon painting and woodcarving workshop
  • Konak
  • Large bell tower
  • Chapel
  • Church home
How to get to the Lelic Monastery?
From the center of Valjevo, the easiest way to get to the monastery Lelic is by car, which does not require more than 20 minutes of driving. From the center, there are signposts to the village of Lelic that significantly facilitate your travel.
  • By car: head towards the Vidrak Memorial Park following Bobovceva Street all the way to Poparski put and Celijski brdo which takes you to the village of Lelic where you join the state road 338 and follow it to your location 
Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses.