Grob Branka Radičevića

Sremski Karlovci, Fruska Gora

The Grave of Branko Radicevic - The most important information

You must have heard of Branko Radičević, a famous romantic poet, a great talent of tragic destiny! Unfortunately, this poet passed away at the age of 29, at a time when he had yet to develop and show the world what he can do.

The life and death of a poet
During his schooling in Sremski Karlovci, Branko Radičević visited Stražilovo many times. The young poet liked this place so much that he dedicated his famous poem Pupil's Farewell to him, in which he expressed his wish for it to be a place of his eternal rest. At the time of writing this poem, Branko Radičević was already suffering from tuberculosis and was waiting for his inevitable end. This unfortunate poet died in Vienna, where he was originally buried. Thirty years after his death, an incentive was given to move his remains to Sremske Karlovce, according to the poet's last wish.

History of the Monument
The body of Branko Radičević was ceremoniously transferred from Vienna to Stražilovo on June 22, 1883. Two years after that, the people of Karlovac erected a monument to their poet, when they will never forget. The monument was designed by Svetozar Ivačković, and Petar Kituzi, an Italian from Dubrovnik, is responsible for its construction.

Appearance and characteristics of the Monument
Construction material was delivered for this monument from different parts of Serbia. In the middle of the pyramid, at the top of the monument, a cross is drawn, and below it are engraved the words: "To Branko - the Serbian people". The tombstone, transferred from Vienna, was placed at the foot of the monument, and the verses were written on it: "He wanted a lot, he started a lot, the hour of his death disturbed him!", Which expressed all the tragedy of the premature departure of such an artist.

How to get to the Monument?
The grave of Branko Radičević is located on the Fruška Gora hill Stražilovo, above Sremski Karlovci.
  • The easiest way to get from Belgrade to Stražilovo is by car. It will take you a little more than an hour and ten minutes to drive to the place of Branko Radičević's eternal rest (via the A1 / E75 roads).
  • If you are traveling from Novi Sad, you will need about forty minutes by car (via Route 111).

Additional information
During the Second World War, the enemies destroyed Branko's tomb, but it was rebuilt on the occasion of the centenary of his poetry. If you are ever around, feel free to stop by and pay tribute to this young poet, who will live forever in the memory of his people!


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  • Brige
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