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Lakes of Fruska Gora - The most important information

Are you planning to visit Fruška gora - the 1st national park in Serbia soon? Find out what Fruška gora has to offer you and decide today for an unforgettable adventure! At this point, we have selected for you a few pieces of information about the Fruška Gora lakes.

Fruška Gora lakes
On Fruška gora you will find as many as 14 artificial lakes, built mostly on the south side of the mountain. These lakes were created in stream valleys for the purpose of irrigation, protection from torrents, but also for the purpose of popularizing tourism and fishing in these areas. Going from east to west, the lakes are arranged in the following order: Ljukovo, Shelovrenac, Dobrodol, Medjes, Borkovac, Lake Popovica, Kudos, Mutalj, Testera, Mandjelos, Chalma, Moharac, Burje and Lake Sot. There are 2 more lakes, which are distinguished by the way they are formed (formed after filling 2 abandoned surface mines with water), and they are: Ledinačko Lake and White Stone Lake.

Appearance and characteristics
Most of the Fruška Gora lakes are stocked, suitable for sport fishing, so it attracts nature lovers and those who want to relax a bit and enjoy the peace. If you want to escape from the city noise and noise and at least forget your problems for a moment, the lakes of Fruška Gora will surely help you with that. These lakes are ideal for day trips! We have singled out a couple of Fruška Gora lakes for you, which stand out for their importance and beauty.
  1. Ledinačko Lake - was created in 1999 when the pumps of the Srebro quarry stopped working. At one point, the depth of Lake Ledinac was about 50 meters. The water was rich in minerals and because of the density, the feeling of swimming was like in the sea. Today, unfortunately, Ledinačko Lake is temporarily closed. You can only see it from the lookout.
  2. Šatrinačko Lake (better known to the people as Međeš) - has water suitable for swimming, and a small landscaped beach is used for access, where you can enjoy the sun's rays and the beautiful view.
  3. Dobrodol Lake - with the cleanest water on Fruška gora. This lake has been becoming more and more popular lately, and fans of diving are especially looking forward to it.
  4. Pavlovačko Lake - ideal for campers because it is very accessible.
  5. Borkovačko Lake - a favorite lake of passionate anglers, who organize fishing competitions in this place.
  6. White Stone Lake - with healing water and mud that has helped many people. The turquoise color of the water and the white stone will make you feel like you are somewhere at sea. The depth of this lake is very large, so swimming is recommended only for experienced swimmers.

How to get to Fruška Gora lakes?
You can reach Fruška gora in just over an hour by car if you are leaving the Serbian capital. We have selected three paths for you, so you choose the one that suits you best:
  • via Route 313 (fastest way)
  • by highway E75
  • via A1 / E75.

Additional information
Fruška Gora lakes are really worth visiting! In case you didn't know, the films "Charleston for Ognjenka" and "We are not angels 3" were shot on Ledinac Lake, as well as Zdravko Colic's video "Ao nono bijela", which only testifies to the value of these lakes and the beauties they selflessly provide to everyone.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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