Vrdnička kula

Vrdnik, Fruska Gora

Vrdnicka Tower - The most important information

The Vrdnik Tower is an important monument of Serbian culture. This tower is located not far from Vrdnik, on the magical Fruška gora, which attracts an increasing number of visitors every year.

History of the tower
The Vrdnik tower is part of the former fortification of the town of Vrdnik. It was first mentioned in historical documents in 1315. Only the tower and part of the ramparts remain of the former mighty fortress. During the research, numerous objects from the Roman period were found, which indicates that, before the fortification, the original building was much older at this place. Thus, this place is connected to the emperor Probus, who ruled part of the Roman Empire from Sirmium (today's Sremska Mitrovica). so it is assumed that the original fortification was built in his time as an observation post or outpost for Sirmium.

Appearance and characteristics
The town of Vrdnik used to have an elongated semicircular base with an entrance gate on the eastern part of the ramparts. Next to the gate was the entrance tower. The fortification was dominated by a strong defensive tower, an elongation of the semicircular base. Today, only that tower, Donjon, survives from the whole city, with a few ramparts and the ruins of one tower, but in spite of that, this place should really be visited. Unfortunately, more precise data on the appearance and past of Vrdnik are not available to us (no research has been done so far), but that does not diminish the importance of the Vrdnik Tower. If you decide to visit it, you can reconstruct the past in your imagination. It will be interesting to imagine in your head what all this used to look like, right ?!

How to get to Vrdnička tower?
Vrdnička kula is located at 400 meters above sea level, on the southern slopes of Fruška gora. If you go by Belgrade by car, you will have at your disposal three routes that we have set aside for you (average travel time to Vrdnička kula will be 1 hour and 25 minutes):
  • by highway E75
  • via A1 / E75 or
  • via Route 100.
Additional information
Visit the Vrdnik Tower and believe us that you will not repent! All you have to do is climb to the top of the tower and everything will be clear to you immediately. From there you will have a beautiful view of the Ethno-village Vrdnička kula and the Fruška Gora forests, which will seem endless.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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