Monument of Freedom - The most important information 

Have you ever visited Fruška gora? If you haven't, it's the right time to find out something about the 1st Serbian National Park and all its sights. At this place, we have singled out a monument for you, which is located on the Irish Wreath. It is the Monument of Freedom, a monument that will remain in your memory for a long time.

History of the monument
The Freedom Monument was erected in 1951 as part of the fallen fighters. This monument is a symbol of the national liberation struggle of the people of Vojvodina against fascism in the Second World War. The author of this imposing work was the sculptor Sreten Stojanović. The Sloboda monument was ceremoniously opened on July 7, 1951, when it was the tenth anniversary of the Day of the Uprising of the People of Serbia. During the Second World War, Fruška gora was the largest gathering place for partisans, and in 1941 the Fruška Gora partisan detachment was formed in this area, which is why this location was chosen as a monument.

Appearance and characteristics
The Freedom Monument has a very specific appearance. At the top of the high obelisk, you will notice a representation of a woman (personification of freedom), with her arms raised high, a gesture calling on the tortured people to take up arms. The sculpture of a group of armed partisans is on the pedestal of the monument, while on the side walls there are bronze reliefs with scenes from the People's Liberation Struggle. All these images will take you back to the past and for a moment you will want to be a part of that resistance, or you will at least admire those who bravely walked then and fought against the occupiers.

How to get to the Freedom Monument?
The Sloboda monument is only twenty kilometers away from Novi Sad.
  • If you are starting from Belgrade, we have selected the shortest route for you (via Route 21) - you arrive with an hour and 5 minutes by car.
  • If you are traveling from Novi Sad, you will reach this Monument in about thirty minutes drive (via the already mentioned Route 21).
  • You can also get to Novi Sad by bus or train, so you choose the transport that suits you best.

Additional information
The Sloboda monument is the largest monument on Fruška gora. Next to the complex there is a park with conifers for all nature lovers. Also interesting are the educational walking routes with information boards. These boards are intended for the youngest, with the aim of getting to know the colorful flora and fauna of the magical Fruška gora.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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