Park Vide Jocić

Majora Ilića, Valjevo

Vida Jocic Park - the most important information 

Also known as the Park on Jadar, it is located between the coast of Kolubara and the streets of Dusanova and Majora Ilica. It is dedicated to the sculptor Vida Jocic, whose sculptures are located in its 1.2 hectares. Reconstructed in detail in 2015, it represents a kind of oasis of art and nature that coexist near the city center. The walk to the park will be enjoyable, and a visit and sightseeing of Vida Jocic's works will enrich your stay in Valjevo in the best way.

History of Vida Jocic Park
The park was primarily arranged in April 1892, when the works were carried out by the 17th Infantry Regiment of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia. The Valjevo Beautification Society has been taking care of the park since 1925. The author Vida Jocic has created several sculptures that have adorned the park since 1969. A monument to the national hero Dragojlo Dudic, which was situated in the elementary school in Mionica at the time, was moved to its central part in the 1990s. The great floods that engulfed Serbia in 2014 and caused great damage in numerous places also damaged this park, but it was renewed the following year.

The best spots in Vida Jocic Park
The latest arrangement of the park preserved the idea of ​​its previous appearance, which aimed to emphasize the historical importance of the park and the sculptures themself. The paths have been arranged, lighting has been installed and benches from which you can enjoy have been renovated. The trees that adorn the park were planted decades ago and are especially beautiful in the spring. Sculptures that are arranged throughout the park, present:
  • People's Hero Miloc Dunic (1915-1944)
  • Activist Zivan Djurdjevic (1891-1943)
  • People's Hero Zikica Jovanovic Spanac (1914-1942)
  • People's heroine and teacher Milica Pavlovic Dara (1915-1944)
  • Student and secretary of SKOJ for Valjevo Milivoje Radosavljevic (1919-1941)
How to get to Vida Jocic Park?
The park can be walked to from the city center and it does not take more than 10 minutes. The same route can be followed by car, while public bus and taxi services are also available. The nearest bus stops from which the park is a short walk away are Jadar and Valjevo Gimnazija.
  • On foot: From Vladike Nikolaja Street, turn left into Dusanova, which you follow all the way to Majora Ilica Street, where the park is located
  • Bus lines: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, C1
  • Taxi stations: Gradski Taxi Valjevo 014 / 291-129; Pink Taxi Valjevo 014 / 292-929; City Taxi Valjevo 014 / 354-2222; Tower Taxi 014 / 290-29 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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