Savremena galerija

Trg slobode 7, Zrenjanin

Have you heard of the Contemporary Gallery of the Ečka Art Colony? Stay with us and find out what this gallery has to offer and why you should visit it one day. The contemporary gallery UK Ečka is located in Zrenjanin, on Trg slobode 7.

History and origin of the gallery
The Ečka Art Colony was founded in 1956 in Ečka, a village near Zrenjanin. The founding artists, as well as those who had a great influence on her work and further artistic development were: Zoran Petrović, Aleksandar Zarin, Tivadar Vanjek, Vasa Pomorišac, Stojan Trumić, Stevan Dukić, Živojin Turinski and Zdravko Mandić. The mentioned personalities had a significant influence on the entire artistic life in the city. The Contemporary Gallery of the Art Colony was founded in 1958 as an institution with the task of taking care of works of art created mainly in the Art Colony of Ečka, and in 1962 the Contemporary Gallery was opened in Zrenjanin. Until the founding of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade in 1965, the Art Colony in Ečka was the only place in Serbia where you could see a representative production of Yugoslav art in one place.

What can you find in the Contemporary Gallery?
The Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin collects, preserves, systematically researches and exhibits works of Serbian and Yugoslav post-war fine arts. The fund of the Contemporary Gallery consists of:
  • collection of paintings and watercolors
  • a collection of sculptures, objects and installations
  • graphics cabinet (graphic sheets and drawings)
  • collection of new media (photos, video works) and
  • a collection of foreign art (works performed with different techniques in different media by foreign authors, who resided and worked in the Ečka Art Colony).
How to get to the Contemporary Gallery of the Ečka Art Colony?
Zrenjanin is the seat of the Central Banat District. If you are driving from Belgrade, you will need a little more than an hour and 15 minutes to get there. When you arrive in the center, take a short walk and feel the spirit of this city in Vojvodina. You can reach the Contemporary Gallery from the center on foot, it will take you about ten minutes of easy walking (across the streets of Dr Emil Gavril and Slobodan Bursać). You could reach the gallery by car in 4 minutes (via Milutin Milanković Boulevard).

Additional information
All exhibitions in the Salon of the Contemporary Gallery are accompanied by professional publications in the form of catalogs. The exhibition activity is accompanied by other activities, such as: concerts, book promotions and professional lectures. Visit the Contemporary Gallery in Zrenjanin and get closer to the Yugoslav fine arts, which are still of great importance today.

Working hours of the Contemporary Gallery
  • The Contemporary gallery is available to all visitors from Monday to Friday (from 8 am to 8 pm).
  • Working hours on Saturdays are from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • On Sundays, the UK Ečka Contemporary Gallery is closed.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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