Muzej piva u Zrenjaninu

Vojvode Petra Bojovića, Zrenjanin

Did you know that the city of Zrenjanin was and remains recognizable for beer? Zrenjanin is known for the Beer Days event, one of the largest in Serbia, which is visited by about half a million people. If you have decided to visit this city soon, listen to us and be sure to stop by the Beer Museum. It is located in Vojvode Petra Bojovića Street, only 800 meters from the center of Zrenjanin.

History and origin of the Beer Museum in Zrenjanin
The Zrenjanin brewery was founded in 1745 by the German Sebastian Krajzajzen. This brewery experienced its greatest prosperity when Lazar Dundjerski, the largest landowner at the time, took it over in 1891. From then until 1911, a thorough reconstruction was carried out. The idea of ​​founding the Beer Museum appeared in 2011 as a civic initiative. Later, the project continues within the Tourist Organization of the city of Zrenjanin. The beginning of the realization will start only in 2016, thanks to the help received from the city. It was then concluded that the arrangement of the old Variona beer plant into a Beer Museum would be very important for the development of tourism. Within the former Zrenjanin Brewery, today there is a Beer Museum under construction, which, in addition to presenting the person of Lazar Dundjerski and his family, has preserved the most valuable production part of the brewery where beer was brewed - Varion with machines and equipment. Rare old machines and equipment have been preserved there, some from the time before the Second World War.

What can you see in the Beer Museum?
The building where the Beer Museum is located is called Variona, ie the Beer Kitchen. Varion was built by the Zrenjanin beer industry in 1958. At the time of construction, this facility was one of the most modern in our country - factory copper cauldrons for brewing beer were installed in it. The interior of the Variona part where the beer was brewed has a wall and floor covering, covered with Brač stone in 8 colors. Today, parts of the Beer Museum in the ground floor and basement are available to visitors, but the upper floors will soon be arranged, where the following exhibits will be exhibited:
  • archival documents
  • professional literature on beer making
  • old beer tools, parts of equipment, raw materials, bottles from various epochs of Zrenjanin beer, full bottles of former Zrenjanin beer and full bottles of Tut-Gut and Euromalac
  • work suits and shoes of the former brewery workers
  • architectural and construction documentation on the beer industrial complex
  • technical drawings of machines and equipment
  • numerous beer packaging, a collection of various types of beer from the former Yugoslavia - a gift from Srdjan Stevin
  • collection of beer cans, collection of beer mugs, glasses, beer coasters, beer labels
  • parts of laboratory equipment, photographs and video material; as well as
diplomas, medals, cups and recognitions of Zrenjanin Brewery, etc.
How to get to the Beer Museum?
Zrenjanin is about seventy kilometers away from the Serbian capital. You can reach this city by car or bus (Lasta, Janjušević, Autoprevoz Kikinda, Banat Trans and El Tra - carriers that will be at your disposal). When you arrive in the center of Zrenjanin, the easiest way to reach the Beer Museum is on foot, across Dr Zoran Kamenković Street, in a 10-minute easy walk.

Working hours of the Beer Museum
Come and find out something about the technique of making beer, look at the bottles used by Lazar Dundjerski himself and go back to some other times, when not everything was accessible and at your fingertips as it is today.
  • The Beer Museum is open to all visitors on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • It doesn't work on weekends.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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