The Palace of Justice (court and prison building) in Zrenjanin was built in the period from 1906 to 1908. Budapest architect Sandor Aigner received the first prize for the project of this building at the announced competition of the Ministry of Justice in Budapest. With its purpose and size, this building testified to the growing role of Veliki Beckerek as the administrative and regional seat of the former Toronto County.

Appearance and characteristics of the Palace of Justice
The Palace of Justice in Zrenjanin is a two-storey building with a longitudinal base in the shape of an irregular Cyrillic letter P, with an elongated street wing, which is placed parallel to the Begej stream. When it comes to the architecture of this palace, we can freely say that elements of the neo-Romanesque style predominate. The court building in Zrenjanin was built in the belated stream of academicism. Even after more than a century of construction, this building successfully meets the same purpose through several state and legal systems, which have changed in the meantime.

How to get to the Palace of Justice?
The town of Zrenjanin is about 70 kilometers away from the Serbian capital. You can reach it by car or bus. When you get to the center, your adventure can begin. You can reach the Palace of Justice in 3 ways:
  • by car (5 minutes drive across Milutin Milanković Boulevard)
  • by taxi (call Super taxi: 023 / 526-222, Maxi taxi: 023 / 512-510 or Eco taxi: 062 / 401-101)
  • on foot (15 minutes easy walk across Gimnazija Street).
Additional information
The Palace of Justice, that is, the court and prison buildings, represent the most valuable architectural work in the protected construction corps on the territory of Zrenjanin. Apart from its historical and architectural significance, this palace also has a great ambient value - from whichever side you look at it, it will provide you with unique paintings and scenes. The dominant position of the Palace of Justice in the area around the lake and the Small Bridge contributes even more to its curiosity.

Opening hours of the Palace of Justice
  • The Palace of Justice is open on weekdays from 07:30 to 15:30.
  • It doesn't works on weekends.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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