Specijalni rezervat prirode „Carska bara“

Perlez, Zrenjanin

The special nature reserve "Carska bara" lies between 3 cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, between the Tisza and Begej rivers. If you have not had the opportunity to visit this place now, pick up the most important things and the direction of Zrenjanin! We are sure that you will really like Carska bara and that you will enjoy it immensely. Below you can read more about this nature reserve, which captivates with its beauty and leaves all visitors speechless!

What is the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara"?
The special nature reserve "Carska bara" is a mosaic of swamp-swamp, forest, meadow, steppe and slatina ecosystems with rich wildlife and habitats of many endemic and relict species. The natural values ​​of this reserve are highly valued due to the existence of about 500 plant species, 239 species of birds, 20 species of fish, as well as 30 species of mammals rare for this area. Also of special importance are the fish ponds, which are located between the 2 entities of the protected area.

Appearance and characteristics of the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara"
  • Carska bara is a system of aquatic ecosystems with reeds and reeds, steppes and willows. Countless larger and smaller wetlands used to stretch in this area. Today, this area is filled with ponds and meanders of Stari Begej.
  • The plant world boasts numerous indigenous species. According to their value, the following stand out from aquatic plants: water semolina, water fern, white water lily; in meadow vegetation: vranjemil, hajdučka trava, mallow, meadow sage; and in the swamp: water lily, marsh iris, duck grass and others.
  • Significant parts of the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara" are occupied by forest areas. In the vicinity of the colony of herons and cormorants, numerous trees have dried tops, which makes them suitable for observation posts and airfields for fishing in a lake or pond.
  • The world of fauna is also rich, so with a little luck you can find here: deer, fox, rabbit, skunk, hedgehog, green frog and colorful salamander.
  • However, what brought world fame to this place is the presence of a bird world with about 240 species. Some of the rare birds that you can see here are: white-tailed eagle, marsh eagle, sparrowhawk, buzzard, spoonbill and others.
  • The earliest human presence in this paradise on earth dates back as far as 6000 years. The Hun leader Attila marked the early history of the region and many legends about the origin of the name Carske bare are connected to his name.
How to get to the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara"?
This magical nature reserve is located not far from Zrenjanin. When you arrive in this city, you can reach Carska bara by car via Route 13, it will take you about half an hour. If you want to relax and enjoy the trip, you can also call one of Zrenjanin's taxis. We recommend: Eco taxi: 023 525-525 or Green halo taxi: 023 588-888.

Additional information
When you visit the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara", you will have more tourist offers, so you choose the one that suits you best. There are: full-day visits, several-hour boat trips, cycling on the embankment, walks along the trails along the entire area, as well as flights by motor kite and light plane. According to reservations, professional and educational tours are organized for pupils and students.

At certain locations, there are also special bird / game observation programs from lookouts and observation posts. From the facilities in this reserve, all tourists will have at their disposal: a nature house, a tourist boat, a lookout point on Carska bara, a health trail and a picnic area with information boards, a playground, as well as a classroom in nature. If you are interested in anything else, you can get other information on the phone number: 023 / 884-025.

Ticket price
  • All adults will pay 200 dinars for the entrance to the Special Nature Reserve "Carska bara" (the ticket price for children is 150 dinars).
  • If you decide to take a boat ride, this pleasure will cost you 300 dinars, while children, in this case as well, will have a small discount, so the ticket will be 250 dinars for them.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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