Camp-resort on the Tisa is a real tourist oasis for bathers and tourists, especially in the summer! This camp is located near the Žabalj bridge, 12 km from Zrenjanin and 36 km from Novi Sad. You will easily notice it since it is located right next to the main road Zrenjanin - Novi Sad. If you are coming to the city of Zrenjanin soon, the camping resort on the Tisza is a location worth visiting!

Camp-resort on the Tisa
Begej flows into the Tisa near Perlez in the Zrenjanin municipality. The economic and tourist potentials of the Tisza have conditioned the construction of a larger number of ports and areas intended for recreation and fishing on its shores. One such place is the Camp-picnic area on the Tisza, which has a swimming pool with a plank and a pool for children. In addition, there will be 2 catering facilities with summer gardens, where you can have lunch or a refreshing drink with friends. Also, barbecues have been set up within the picnic area, camping areas, sports fields for basketball, beach volleyball, as well as a children's playground have been arranged, so that there will be some interesting activity for each visitor. Here you can swim, enjoy a free day with family or simply be alone and enjoy the smell of the river and your thoughts!

How to get to the Excursion Site on the Tisa?
  • If you are leaving Belgrade, you will need about an hour and 20 minutes by car to reach this picnic area (A1 / E75 motorway). 
  • However, if you are starting from Zrenjanin, then you can call a taxi (Prvi Taxi Zrenjanin: 023 266999) and get to this place, via Route 12, in just 15 minutes.
Additional information
At the Žabaljski most picnic area, you will see mostly residents from the surrounding places, as well as people from Zrenjanin. The port on this part of the Tisza is full of boats. On the other bank, on the frog side, you will notice a small weekend village. Some cottages have retained their authenticity, so their architecture is reminiscent of traditional Banat houses. When taking a boat ride, we advise you to stop at the Sidro restaurant, where you will enjoy fish specialties immensely. If you need more information about this resort, you can get it at the Tourist Information Center - Phone: +381 (0) 23 581 890, fax: +381 (0) 23 523 260. See you soon!


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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