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Subotićeva 1, Zrenjanin

National Museum Zrenjanin - the most important information 

The Zrenjanin National Museum was founded in 1906 as the Toronto County Museum. Since 1966, this museum has been located in the building of the former Financial Palace, on Trg Slobode - in the very center of Zrenjanin. Below you can find out more about the National Museum and how you can get to it. We hope that this information will help you decide to find yourself in this place soon!

Departments of the National Museum Zrenjanin
The permanent exhibition of the Museum consists of 5 departments:
  1. Nature Department - consists of 2 units: a diorama depiction of the living world of Banat and a three-dimensional setting of fossil remains. This department shows animal species that have long since disappeared or are very rare in our fields.
  2. Archaeological Department - with its fund it is one of the richest collections in Serbia. The exhibition of this department covers the time from 6400 BC to the Middle Ages, and it exhibits over 500 exhibits.
  3. History Department - consists of collections of older and more recent history, as well as the Sports History Room. The setting of the historical department consists of: art paintings, three-dimensional objects, original documents and photographs. Here you can see well-preserved specimens of swords from 11-12. century, decorative items, seals, the original flag of Toronto County, as well as firearms and melee weapons from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  4. Art Department - includes fine and applied arts. The collection of fine arts is one of the most valuable collections in Vojvodina, while the collection of applied art includes objects collected since the founding of the National Museum in 1906. So here you will have the opportunity to see exhibits made of porcelain, faience, glass, metal, as well as pieces of period furniture.
  5. Ethnological department - includes 5 rooms in which the rural interior of the so-called "front" or "clean", ie guest rooms from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century (Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Serbian rooms) is shown; as well as the interior of Serbian cuisine of the same period. In other rooms, you will be able to see various costumes of the people of Central Banat and items related to rural crafts, agriculture and livestock. This department best reflects the similarities, differences and mutual influences of the people in Vojvodina.

National Museum Zrenjanin
Within the collections of 5 departments of the National Museum, there are over 33 thousand museum objects, and on this occasion we will mention only a few of the most important collections:
  • a collection of cold steel and firearms
  • jeweler's hat collection
  • an art collection with a significant collection of paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries
  • a collection of jewelry from prehistory and the Middle Ages; as well as
bird collection.
The National Museum in Zrenjanin also has:
  • Pedagogical information service
  • Documentation center
  • restoration and conservation workshop
  • photographic department and
carpentry workshop.
Also, the Museum has a professional library with over 5,000 titles, which will be especially liked by all book lovers. Since 2005, the National Museum of Zrenjanin has three exhibition spaces on the ground floor of the building (Salon, Small Salon and Hall), in which thematic exhibitions are presented.

How to get to the National Museum Zrenjanin?
If you are leaving Belgrade, you will reach this place in an hour and 10 minutes by car (via Route 13). If you are coming by bus, then we recommend that you use a taxi from the bus station to the National Museum. You will arrive in just 5 minutes by car, while the walk will take you about half an hour.

Additional information
The National Museum in Zrenjanin was declared the best museum in Serbia in 2006 due to the large number of visitors! When you are nearby, be sure to stop by and see why it is so popular.

Ticket prices and opening hours of the National Museum Zrenjanin
  • The National Museum is open to all visitors from Monday to Friday (08:30 to 19:30), while on Saturdays it is open from 08:30 to 12:30.
  • Admission is free for all individual visits and for group visits from the territory of the Central Banat District.
  • The ticket price for the permanent exhibition for group visits outside the Central Banat District is 150 dinars for adults and 100 dinars for children.
  • You can schedule group visits during the Museum's working hours by phone: 023 561-841.


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