Galerija Zeleni voz

Trg mučenika 1, Pancevo

Have you heard of the popular tourist attraction in Pancevo - Green Train Gallery? It was opened in the summer of 2002, in a railway composition on the Thames, which was placed on the plateau of the old railway station as a monument of technical culture. Stay with us and find out more about this unusual tourist attraction!

History of the Green Train Gallery
Exhibitions of various artists, literary evenings, tea parties, concerts of classical music and promotions were held in this unique space in Pancevo. The Green Train Gallery was ceremoniously opened by the famous film director Emir Kusturica, who came with a part of the crew of the film Life is a Miracle. Josip Weber, the author of the exhibition, exhibited models of railways for the purpose of shooting the film, and he also had the main episodic role in this film by Kusturica. The Green Train Gallery operated successfully until 2006. Then, the space was repurposed by the decision of the club presidency. In 2007, the club leased the second wagon from the railway composition to a private entrepreneur, who opened the Voz cafe here. This cafe is very popular today and attracts a large number of tourists due to the unusual ambience and pleasant atmosphere.

Significance of the Green Train Gallery
  • The railway composition on the Thames has been a part of the scenography for shooting movies and TV series several times.
  • Several dozen TV shows were recorded not only by TV stations from Pancevo and Serbia, but also from abroad.
  • Before it became a gallery, The Green Train was the setting for the series Mama Lucia, in which the famous Sofia Loren played the lead role.
How to get to the Green Train Gallery?
  • The Green Train Gallery is located at the old railway station in Pancevo. It is about 20 km away from Belgrade, so it will take you about half an hour by car (via Pancevo road).
  • From the center of Pancevo, you can reach the Green Train Gallery on foot, in just 6-7 minutes: across Nikola Tesla Street or across Ignjata Barajevac Street.
Ticket prices and opening hours of the Green Train Gallery
  • The Green Train Gallery is a closed type, and is open only for organized visits, which you can schedule by phone: 063 8555 788 or by e-mail:
  • You can check all the information regarding the working hours of the Gallery, as well as the entrance prices, via the number listed in the previous paragraph.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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