Ivanovačka ada

Ivanovo, Pancevo

Ivanovacka Ada Special Nature Reserve is located only 20 kilometers away from the city of Pancevo. The river ada on the Danube, near the settlement of Ivanova, was placed under protection in 2009 as a natural monument. This was done in order to preserve a small remnant of the former flooded natural forests of the Danube islands, with a specific composition and structure, which consists of populations of poplars and willows of high aesthetic and ecological values.

Significance of Ivanovac Ada
  • Ivanovačka ada is a habitat of numerous animal species, protected as natural rarities, among which are: white-tailed eagle, green woodpecker, waterfowl (internationally protected plant and animal species).
  • Preservation of such natural monuments enables a view into the past, into the natural marsh forests of the Danube region, which in the complex of current ecological conditions can no longer return spontaneously.
  • Significant is the presence of jaundice, which inhabits wet treads and pastures, the edges of field roads, low shores, as well as partially saline habitats and wild vines, which is becoming increasingly rare in the flora of Vojvodina.
  • The flora and fauna of the natural resource indicate great importance for the preservation of the biodiversity of the area. The high degree of originality is reflected in the characteristic set of species, as relict species of flora.
  • A protection regime has been established on the entire surface of the Ivanovačka Ada Monument of Nature, with limited and strictly controlled use of natural resources.
How to get to Ivanovacka ada?
  • The Ivanovačka ada natural monument is about 40 kilometers away from Belgrade, so you can reach it by car in about an hour.
  • There will be 2 routes available to you: via Pancevo Road or the E / 75 motorway.
Additional information
Ivanovačka ada is one of the most famous fishing and excursion places in the vicinity of Pancevo. If you are planning to visit Pancevo soon, be sure to stop by Ivanovačka ada, if for no other reason then because of the great photos you can take here.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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