Skulptura Sejač

Masarikova, Pancevo

Welcome to Pancevo, a town located on the banks of the Tamis and the Danube. This city offers many interesting tourist attractions, which it is proud of and stands out from other cities. One of them is the sculpture Sower, which you can find out more about here.

History of sculpture
The Sower sculpture is located between the building of the Trade Union Council and the building in which the Tax Administration is located. It was erected in 1974, and was sculpted by the famous sculptor Božidar Jovović. Thanks to this sculpture, Pancevo stood out as one of the few cities in Serbia, which has a monument to a farmer, ie a farmer or a sower. This sculpture is the only one that has not been moved to different city spaces, but from its creation until today it occupies the same place.

Appearance and characteristics of the Seeder sculpture
  • The sculpture Sower was created at a time when the word peasant not only lost its primacy, but also gained more and more pejorative meaning. How Božidar Jovović conceived the sculpture can be seen in the poetically written letter during the art education class at the school, where this academic sculptor worked as a professor.
  • By reading this passage you will create an image in your head and you will understand what idea Božidar had when creating this work:
"He stepped in, sowed with his right hand, and extended his left hand to the world. He is thorough, but not fat. 3 birds landed on his left hand. The birds of the air neither sow nor reap, but live well. There are many such birds, all of them oats from his hand. The bag is between his legs, blocking the plowing. Behind her, to the left, flies a drapery from which life is flowing again, that is, several small figures. The drapery on the right springs from the fist with which he sows. He is of course a go (act). From the heel on the feet, the roots sprouted, gnarled, and grew into the ground. He has long hair ... he is a real husband. ”

How to get to Sculpture Sower
  • The Sower sculpture is 19 km away from Belgrade, so you can reach it by car in less than half an hour (via Pancevo Road).
  • If you come to Pancevo by bus, you can reach this sculpture on foot (via Karadjordjeva Street), since it is only 800 m away from the bus station.
Additional information
This timeless work of art in bronze continues to provoke attention and numerous comments. Art historians have estimated that Božidar Jovović created a surreal monument to the Banatian with this sculpture, who is the deity of the field and the nurturer of humanity. That is how his farmer became the personification of an athlete and does not look like a plump Tulip at all.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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