Park prirode Ponjavica

Banatski Brestovac, Pancevo

Ponjavica Nature Park is located in southern Banat. It is about fifteen kilometers away from the city of Pancevo, and it spreads on the territory of 2 settlements - Omoljica and Banatski Brestovac. Find out below the characteristics of this nature park and how you can easily reach it.

Appearance and characteristics of the park
The Ponjavica Nature Park includes the middle course of the Ponjavica, which has preserved the characteristics of the watercourses of the plains and the coastal remains of wetlands. This watercourse with its surroundings is a refuge for various species of plants and animals, whose habitats have been destroyed by water regulation. The area of ​​the Ponjavica Nature Park is about 300 hectares, while the area of ​​the protection zone around Ponjavica is about 600 hectares. The island with an area of ​​slightly less than 1 hectare is considered, in terms of protection, as the most valuable area of ​​this park. The length of the Ponjavica stream, which is under protection, is about 10 kilometers. The change of forest greenery, shrubby trees and bushes, as well as the immediate vicinity of 2 settlements and weekend zones give a special quality to this type of ecosystem. Ponjavica Nature Park is a habitat of strictly protected plant and animal species such as: small resin, water fern, golden carp and otter. One of the greatest values ​​of this nature park is the abundance of various species of birds, some of which are protected. Thus, you can observe them here from the observatory built by JKP Zelenilo, without endangering their activities by approaching the habitat too much. About 20 species of fish live in the river Ponjavica. In addition to 100 plant species, the park area is inhabited by 40 species of birds, as well as protected animal species of weasels and ferrets.

How to get to Ponjavica Nature Park?
  • From the capital of Serbia, you can reach the Ponjavica Nature Park by car in about fifty minutes (via Pancevo Road).
  • If you come to Pancevo by bus, then we advise you to get to this nature park by taxi (via Spoljnostarcevacka Street). You can call Golub Taxi: 013 355-555 or Laguna Taxi: 013 333-666.
Additional information
Ponjavica Nature Park is an ideal place for excursions and relaxation in nature. Motor boats are not allowed on the lake. If you have any additional questions, you can get answers by calling number: 013 333-399.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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