History of the village Dolovo
Dolovo was first mentioned as a Serbian village in the Peja Catastrophe, in 1660. At that time, this area was inhabited by Serbs who migrated from Serbia across the Danube to the Pannonian Plain, in fear of the Turks. The largest and most famous migration was definitely the one under the leadership of Patriarch Arsenije Čarnojević (Great Migration of Serbs), with which the Serbs inhabited this Banat village as well. However, the latest archaeological research, conducted at sites not far from today's Dolovo, proves that settlements existed in this place before. At the archeological site of Ciglana, research has shown that in ancient times and in the Middle Ages, there were settlements of Decani, Sarmatians and early Slavs, who lived as free peoples from the then Roman Empire.

The village of Dolovo today
Dolovo is a typical Banat village, mostly inhabited by Serbs and Romanians. In the center of this village are all the important institutions, while at the end of the village there is a road to Deliblato Sands. Places that stand out for their importance and that should be visited are:
  • Church of the Transfer of the Relics of Saint Nicholas Velidonj - built in 1811;
  • Church of the Transfer of the Relics of Saint Nicholas the Younger - built in 1888;
  • Aksentije Maksimović Elementary School building - erected around 1780 (Aksentije Maksimović was a famous Serbian composer and conductor at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad);
  • Birth house of Aksentije Maksimović - built in the first half of the 19th century and
  • Banat garden in Dolovo - is a typical rural garden of southern Banat, which consists of a main yard, economic yard and garden.
How to get to the village of Dolovo?
Dolovo is about 25 kilometers away from the town of Pancevo.
  • If you leave Belgrade by car, you can reach this village in less than an hour (via Route 10).
  • If you come to Pancevo by bus, then we advise you to use a taxi to Dolovo (it will take you about twenty minutes via Bavaništanski put). You can call any of the following carriers: Laguna Taxi - 013 333666; Golub Taxi - 013 355 555; Taxi Petrol - 311 - 111.
Additional information
There is one interesting story about this Pancevo village, so we will tell it to you on this occasion. In the past, the Romans traded in these parts, and if they went to Deliblato, Crepaja or Starčevo - they would always somehow reach Dolovo. When they returned to Rome and told what happened to them, they added that people from these parts told them nicely: "Well, you whip those horses in vain, all your roads lead to Dolovo, but!".


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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