History of the National Garden Park
Welcome to the National Garden - the oldest and largest city park in Pancevo! This park was built in 1829 by order of the first urban planner from Pancevo, Brigadier General Mihajlo Mihaljevic. The planners of that time organized this space on the model of German parks, which were a synthesis of elements of French and English parks. The young bourgeoisie around the world insisted on the construction of large parks, and thus Pancevo kept pace with the times.

Appearance and characteristics of the People's Garden
  • The People's Garden flourished in 1905, when the Great Crafts and Agricultural Exhibition of Pancevo and its surroundings was held at this place. At that time, there were more than 100 thousand people in this garden.
  • In addition to the exhibition, numerous cultural and artistic events were organized in the People's Garden at that time, as well as congresses and assemblies of learned people.
  • After the end of the exhibition, all pavilions, halls and settings were removed. The only thing left is the music pavilion, where tin music was played during the weekend, holidays or some event.
  • In the People's Garden, there were also 2 courts for laun-tennis (Polish tennis), as well as the building of the Laun-tennis club, which was founded in 1908.
  • The music pavilion was demolished in the 1960s, and in its place today you can see a fountain with an unidentified stone sculpture. The park fence was then removed.
  • The renovation of the People's Garden began in 2007, with donations from the Italian province of Ravenna and the city of Cervi.
  • The works were completed in 2008, and the park was then given a new trim track, playgrounds and lighting.
  • Today, there are about 2,000 trees in the People's Garden, full of flowers and colorful horticultural sculptures.
How to get to the People's Garden in Pancevo?
  • Pancevo is located on the international road E-70, which leads from Belgrade to the city, as well as on the road E-75, which will take you from Novi Sad. Thanks to the excellent road, you will need less than half an hour by car from Belgrade and a little less than 2 hours from Novi Sad.
  • You can also reach Pancevo by bus. All information about departures to and from this city will be provided by the bus station Pancevo: 013 / 2518‑570.
  • From the center of Pancevo to the People's Garden you can take a taxi or take a walk, as the distance is not great. We recommend: Laguna Taxi - 013 333666 or Golub Taxi - 013 355 555.
Additional information
In recent years, the People's Garden has been thoroughly arranged and reconstructed: it has received a new fence, new paths, benches, modern children's playgrounds, as well as a cafe-gallery building. If you are ever near Pancevo, be sure to visit this oasis of peace, where rest and recreation await you after a hard day!


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