History of the Vojlovica Monastery
The Vojlovica Monastery is located in the southeastern suburbs of Pancevo, within the Pancevo Oil Refinery. According to tradition, this monastery was founded in 1405 by despot Stefan Lazarević, the son of Prince Lazar. The oldest reliable source about the Vojlovica monastery was left by the hieromonk Partenija in 1542. This monastery has been an important spiritual center of Banat since its inception. During its long history, it has been burned and rebuilt several times.

Appearance and characteristics of the Vojlovica monastery
In the circle of the Vojlovica monastery, you can see the church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel and the boarding house. This church was a single-nave building with a semicircular altar apse, rectangular choir rooms, an octagonal dome over the nave and a blind dome over the narthex. In 1752, another narthex was added to it, during the time of Abbot Pajsije Milutinović. The high baroque bell tower with a part of the new narthex was added to the church in 1836. In addition to the characteristic bell tower, it also contributes to the baroque appearance of the church through the semicircular arcades on the pillars, above the wreath on Pajsije' narthex. In the 18th century, lodgings were built, the inner walls of the temple were painted and a high baroque iconostasis was made, which contains about 30 icons with Old Testament and New Testament motifs. During 1890, a small chapel above the mill was founded on the monastery property.

How to get to the Vojlovica monastery?
  • You can get to this monastery from Belgrade by car very easily (it will take you about half an hour to drive across Route 10).
  • The Vojlovica Monastery is about 8 kilometers away from the center of Pancevo, so we recommend that you reach it by taxi. You can call Golub Taxi - 013 355 555 or Taxi Petrol - 013 311 111. Taxi services are of high quality and prices are affordable.
Additional information
Today, Vojlovica is a male monastery. The liturgical books, but also other movable valuable objects of this monastery, such as icons, paintings and iconostasis, were declared cultural monuments by the solutions from 1952 and 1968. In 1991, the Vojlovica Monastery acquired the status of a cultural monument of exceptional importance. If you have ever been near it, stop by this peaceful place and find out more about its significance and history!


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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