Lazarica Church - the most important information

The Church of St. Stephen the First Martyr, popularly known as Lazarica, is the founder's work of Prince Lazar, hence its popular name. This building is located in the center of Krusevac and is surrounded by the remains of Lazar's medieval town. In the immediate vicinity is the National Museum of Kruševac and the house of Simić, which is one of the oldest preserved buildings in this city. Today, this building is classified as a good of high cultural significance.

History of the Lazarica Church
Prince Lazar built the church of St. Stephen the First Martyr in the period from 1377 to 1380. Thank God for the birth of his son Stefan. Data on the construction of this temple, which is one of the prototypes and models for further development of the characteristic Moravian architecture, which in Serbia represents the last threshold of Byzantine and Mount Athos architecture, can be found in medieval writings and biographies of Prince Lazar written by Constantine the philosopher.

What to see

According to Byzantine models, this church is part of the ruling complex and represents the court church of the newly built capital of Kruševac.A novelty in the construction that is being introduced in the Moravian style is the addition of side conchs, which gave the church a triconch or three-leaf shape. The three-leaf plan is taken from the model of the holy mountain. These are slender buildings that strive for height and captivate with their decorations on the facade. The facades are decorated with various building elements, but the sculpture that was painted still remains an important segment of decoration. Rosettes stand out in Moravian architecture. Circular stone windows closed with relief decoration. Be aware of:
  • rich details on the facade
  • iconostasis
  • entrance gate
  • Byzantine ornamentation

How to get to the church of Lazarica

The church itself is easily reached on foot or you can use one of the local taxis:
  • Taxi: NEST taxi 037 / 43-43-43 BOSS taxi 037 / 444-555

Additional information
  • The working hours of the church are from 7 am to 8 pm.
  • Dress Code: Please be appropriately trained. Entry in short Bermuda shorts or shorts, as well as T-shirts with straps is not allowed.
  • Worship services are regularly held in the church


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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