Jastrebac - the most important information

One of the most forested mountains in this Balkan region, located near Kruševac, which can be easily reached through the nearby villages, which hides a lush life and numerous opportunities for fun and relaxation. It is an extremely popular picnic area. Josif Pančić considered Jastrebac the most forested mountain in the Balkans.

History of Jastrebac
The rich diversity of plant life is characteristic of this somewhat forgotten mountain paradise. Jastrebac is characterized by various deciduous and coniferous forests. In this area, there is a large number of pale birch forests, which are characteristic of the white tree and represent the peculiarity of this mountain, which is why the state of Serbia has legally protected this species. Numerous species of mushrooms and medicinal plants can be found in the Hawk forests and meadows. . .

What to see on Jastrebac
In addition to numerous streams and waterfalls that are hidden in the Hawk forests and meadows on the southern slopes, there is also an artificial lake that is extremely clean and hides numerous trout and shrimp. Jastrebac is adorned with two sunny peaks, "Đulica" (1491m) and "Pogled" (1481m). Here's what you can see on this mountain:
  • modern terrain for small sports
  • the lake
  • tourist complex
  • deciduous and coniferous forests
  • herbs
  • diverse wildlife
  • mountain springs
How to get to Jastrebac
Jastrebac is located in the central part of Serbia, near Nis and Krusevac. Jastrebac is located only 20 km from Krusevac. The distance between Belgrade and Krusevac is exactly 194 km, and the fastest way to get there is via the E-75 highway. Then you need to cross Ćićevac and Mrzenica. From Kruševac all the way to Jastrebac, there is a regular bus schedule.
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Additional information
  • On these porters you can try your hand at various sports
  • For fans of extreme sports, there is a mountain bike ride on the "Jastrebački triangle" trail.
  • During the winter, a ski lift with a 300-meter trail is available to visitors.
  • It is all located within the Resort