Church of the Holy Trinity - Basic Information

In the very center of Gornji Milanovac rises the church of the Holy Trinity, one of the main landmarks of the city. The church is located on hilly ground and in the middle of one of the main crossroads, so it is almost impossible not to notice it. In addition to being a symbol of Gornji Milanovac, it is also a symbol of our history. Namely, the church was the last endowment of Prince Milos Obrenovic, and its construction began in 1860.

History of the Church of the Holy Trinity

Although he ordered the beginning of the construction of the church, Milos Obrenovic did not live to see its final appearance. After Milos's death, his son and heir to the throne Mihailo took care of the completion of the church. The famous builder of that time, Nastas Djordjevic, was in charge of creating this building. The church has a simple and harmonious appearance, enriched with elements of Romanesque-Byzantine architectural style. The fact very important creators of that time worked on the construction of this church is also shown by the fact that the iconostasis that was in it was the work of Nikola Markovic, one of the most famous church painters in Serbia of that time.

The significance of the church
Unfortunately, during the bombing of Gornji Milanovac during the Second World War, a part of the church was destroyed, together with the archive and the mentioned iconostasis. The church was renovated after that, and some items from that time are still in the church library.
In addition, a part of the Takovo bush is kept there, under which agreements were made for raising the Second Serbian Uprising.

How to get to the Church of the Holy Trinity
The church is located in the very center of the city, at the intersection of the two main streets of Gornji Milanovac, Kneza Aleksandra, and Vojvode Misica streets.
  • you can reach it on foot from the Peace Hill Memorial Park (Brdo Mira) in 10 minutes by passing Vojvode Misica Street. If you go from the main bus station, passing through City Parc, you will be at the church in 4 minutes.
  • The taxi station is located right next to the main bus station if you decide to take a tour to the church by taxi, choose: Permier taxi 032 715 151, Golf taxi 032 701 222, S Taxi 061 722 722 4
Additional information
To enter the church, it is necessary to be properly dressed, with covered shoulders and without short clothes.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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